Friday, September 4, 2009

I have received a blog award and for the first time...

Thank you Jackie for awarding me the MEME award! :)

I have read Jackie's blog for several years now, even when she had her old blog, faithful reader eh? I absolutely love to hear her thoughts and what she has going on. She is a precious person and oh so funny! As you can see my link for her is Jackie is hilarious.
So, here we go and here are the rules!

List 7 personality traits...
Pass onto 7 other bloggers who deserve...
Recognition for the personality they share...

I did get some help and asked some friends for one word to describe my personality, cheating I So some of these are typed from my friends and some from myself.

1. Friendly/outgoing-You are sooo friendly...You never meet a stranger. You have more friends than I can count and you love them all and they love you and I love that!
2. Sarcastic- much more so in my younger years but I do still have that trait...
3. Stubborn- I guess that ties in with bull headed, hey I am a Virgo.
4. Sincere- If I say it I mean it, and I am sincere.
5. Lover- Your a lover and have tons to give to the right person~
6. Outspoken (honest)- If you ask me I am going to shoot you straight, and often times if you don't ask me ..ha!
7. Sensitive-You are sensitive and that is good and bad for you... good b/c it allows you to step inside the shoes of another person and really feel what they may be experiencing but bad b/c sometimes you let your sensitivities keep you from enjoying something or being close to someone...

I am going to tag~

Have wonderful weekend!!

what's on our minds...

We have our tickets, a wonderful parking pass, our Razorback attire and we are ready for the game :) I know it's not WBW but I came across this pic of Juli and I from a Razorback game in 2005 I believe. My 1st game and tomorrow will be Jacob's 1st game. and yes that sweatshirt was huge and yes I did crop someone out ;)

Lakewood 28 - Pulaski Heights 30
I only got one picture of last nights game. It was a good game but a long night. The boys can't leave with their parents this year they have to ride the bus back to the school and be picked up there. Problem was they had to wait for a bus...
As I had mentioned Jacob's number changed before the game to #67.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

are you ready for some football??

UPDATE: this #17 will likely change as it is not a lineman number. Just had a chat with the coach, he was unclear who gave him this number. And I hope things will pick up from here....

1st game today. Go Cougars!!!
p.s. Teenagers are complicated!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Jacob's 1st game is tomorrow night, GO COUGARS! Unfortunately I know he will not get to start and it may be pushing it to say he might play. The broke wrist and now the sunburn has really set him back. He is back at school today with many blisters.
For my WBW I chose a football pic (2006 All Star Game) and I love love love this pic of him playing center which is his passion. Baby boy can snap that ball!!
That is Matthew P. as quarterback and these two were like PB&J on the field. They worked together very well!
And of course you have a ton of players in Junior High so the competition for positions is way up, and Jacob is very short, not a plus in football. I will let you know later if I am fond of this new coach, so far the answer is no!!

p.s. yes I love this Miley Cyrus song and Jacob laughs at me :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I just got word that Jacob & I are being gifted Razorback tickets!! woo hoo!! And we have a big tailgate to attend also, actually a few of them!!

I love bunco too!!

Last night was Bunco at Mel's with the group I sub for, had a blast!. I have had to take off from my regular group for a few months because of football conflicts. Football for a certain boy that will likely not get to play in the 1st game Thursday because he has been at home for 2 days and missing practice! with what you ask??? a dad gum sunburn!!! He had a sleep over Friday night and they went swimming Saturday, the mother did offer him sunscreen and he declined. I had also taken him a shirt to wear and he did not! After many tears shed I feel certain this is a lesson learned....

Monday, August 31, 2009