Monday, March 24, 2008

Busy as a bee

Michele and the boys were here again and we had a great time. The boys actually stay on the 4 wheelers and in the mud and Michele and I get to play. Easter morning we cooked for the boys and when they showed up they were still covered in mud, fun times.

Baskets for the boys, Jacob's basket had his Wild River Country season pass.
Jacob also had baseball practice Saturday afternoon, before heading to 89 raceway. I love this picture, paying attention =)
Michele attempting to help the boys get 6 ATV's loaded.
Michele and I were able to have girl time both Friday & Saturday night and also get a pedi.
What would a trip to Arkansas be w/o a trip to jail....JUST KIDDING, but the posing was funny.
So glad to have had you visits 2 weekends in a row!