Friday, May 16, 2008

Extra Extra

I am in the paper today =)
Take a look...wooohooo, let's have an adult beverage, shall we?Say it with me.... single

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My divorce has been filed as of your papers and please do call me if you would like to help me celebrate =)

Hades, frogs & cheese dip

Jacob has a project due tomorrow on Greek Mythology on Hades. He has known since April but "forgot" to tell me and this project is part of his portfolio for middle school. soooo I called in the troops. Jan, Juli, Ashley & Bailey were there waiting on us.
Bailey was eager to help Jacob....
Bailey also has a project due and that was to create a Tropical Rain Forest.
This turned out too cute.

Thanks to everyone for your help. We wrapped things up very near midnight last night.
Can you tell I have been tanning =)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I got this invitation, just had to share cuz it is too cute!
fishing pole-check
lawn chairs-check
adult beverages-check
husband-ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? lol
And thanks for the invite!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Two of you?

This is my card from Jacob, he always has such a good sense of humor. He also gave me a silver necklace and earrings and tanning visits @ Sundash. Michele showed up unexpected and we had lunch at El Porton. Jacob and I rented movies and grilled chicken. We had a nice day!
Now that it is public Michele is moving back to Arkansas. She got her Arkansas license last week and had good news at the job fair this weekend. Cant' wait!!
Saturday I got a hair trim, which is much more than I wanted, manicure and pedicure, then headed out to Smokey's Pub for some night life with Kim, Carrie and ton of other's. I saw people I had not seen in a while, imagine that, me knowing someone
Jacob spent the night with Jeremy and they went to a Twisters game.
Friday night Jacob & I went to Della's to see the hardware floors being installed. Jacob & Meagan went to the new bowling alley and us girls had dinner.
Great weekend! Have a good week!