Friday, January 11, 2008


Amy & Kim
Rick Springfield, eh? Sorry girls I could not resist ;)

Well I missed Grey's, duh! Updates please??
I went to Juanita's with Heather, Rick & Richard to hear one of Heather's coworkers band play. Um well not my type of music, I think these 2 bands we had to sit through were playing death metal and I still can't hear properly. Aside from the music the company and the food was great!
Waiting on pictures from Heather~

We should also be featured in SYNC weekly next week...look for us

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Jacob and Dominick went to church last night. Jeremy we missed you again.
Jacob had on a shirt last night that said "The Rules Don't Apply To Me" well it made me think......I need one that says "The Rules Only Apply To Me"
Can you get started on that Tshirt order

Do you believe in Karma? I do! Seen it all to many times especially to these people that act so devious....

Still under the weather, maybe the full blown pnuemonia has kicked in, you know fluid on the lung, yes I had some. Still do and I can sure feel it today.

Grey's Anatomy tonight YAY...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The Gang ~Andrew, Tyler, Justin, Jacob & Bobby

Just a flash
Thanks Michele for the pictures and for taking Jacob!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Booooo to being sick! Runny nose, fever, earache, all of it, just boo!
Michele came in on Saturday and took jacob to ride with the boys out Hwy 89 somewhere, hopefully she will send pics today. Jacob then got to spend the night with boys. I was not much entertainment for Michele as we usually like to step out on the town. But that was NOT happening with me. I managed to go to Gadwall's and it was the first real food in while.
I am doing the routine today but still feel a little blah, with a runny nose.It beats being in the bed with fever that's for sure.
Have a Happy Week!!