Monday, December 31, 2007

Wishing each of you a very Happy New Year

I have had someone work with it.....I think I will need a new one.

Friday, December 28, 2007


Christmas Day night Heather, Rick, Rachel, Dominick & Richard joined us for a game of Mad Gab. Jacob got this game for Christmas and it is so fun. A must have! Heather got a new camera, and obviously I need one too
Rachel kept score and operated the timer

They just could not stay away from the PS2

Must have been a good boy

What a spread~

It really trips me out how Jacob knows all the "older" songs on Guitar Hero, you can sure tell who his Mom is. Now he wants rock the 80's, I will enjoy that too.

A gun from his dad, yes he has a Dad, tacky comment I know but I just had to. Not sure about what kind of gun all I know is it is a hunting rifle and yes in my name *sigh* It has 2 locks and I have the key and the ammo.

Rock star!

Trader...Don't shoot

I let jacob open an early gift. He had been feeling real bad with headaches and referred pain in the ears....Yes he is a trader, don't ask cuz I don't know. BUT if he wants to play ball @ LSU hey fine by me.

Christmas Eve @ Robbie's

A few more pink shots for you...

Think Pink

Never mind that all the pictures are pink, pink people, pink things, just a lot of pink!
JT and Brandy came for Christmas Eve, it was so nice to have them! I gave them a set of Calpahalon cookware & a refrigerator and other household items. Jacob & I are so glad you came. See you Sunday!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

The big day

One last shot of the tonsils
What are we doing?? This gown is soooooo not me!

Why must I lay down?
A sticker name tag? And the pictures stop there....Jacob got sick from his I.V. and had to have some oxygen.

On my way home...... and I am

I made it home!!!! Thanks for all the get well wishes, gifts & cards.
NOW I have to try to fix my pictures from Christmas because they are all pink...grrrrrr dad gum camera!!

Mom I broke my tooth on this gumdrop...

If you start with this.........
Jacob & Deven switched accessories (glasses & hat) to be each other, funny boys!

Bethany takes a break from baking to exercise
You will get this~ Never mind that the cookie part o fthe house is hard as a rock. The kids did a great job. They did well on the chocolate dipped pretzel rods also......And my Chex Mix was the bomb. Pam said it gets better each year, maybe one day it will be like my mother's.

CMO Christmas Party

My office Christmas party was nice. A great time was had by all~
Frederick dances~ A little swing for ya'

Look at this little dancer~ so cute!

My girls~ Starla & Nataki


I say Carolin'
Jacob says Pimpin'
Ramona invited us to go caroling in this Hummer Limo. Thanks for the invite!! We had a blast~

Jacob & Brandon
All the kiddos

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quick update....
Made it through the surgery. Jacob had a reaction/shock to the i.v. and had to be given some oxygen. Scared me to death.
Today is day 5 and the pain gets worse every day it seems, he just cries so hard. The bad spells are usually about 5:00 in the morning.
We got out one evening to Christmas carol in a Hummer Limo, but he could only last about an hour.
Happy Holidays to each of you!

Friday, December 14, 2007


Jacob and I wish each of you a very Happy Holidays!