Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Debi

Debi is a leap year baby so she is really a lot younger than us ;)
I usually don't blog this stuff so that I don't jinx myself but I must. I have been hitting it hard at the working out. Well according to the doc last week I have lost 14 lbs and I have gotten my treadmill up to 35 minutes. Give me strength to keep this going =)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lucky ducks

No school today, too bad it is Thursday and not Friday. Jacob went to spend the night with Jeremy last night so they could hang out today. Jacob loves to go to Jeremy's and I am sure they will have a blast, the streets of Lakewood may never be the same..j/k! Trey, Jeremy & Jacob
Goofy boys....
Jacob brought basketball jerseys so I guess they thought this coat hanger should be in the pics, goofy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

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I lost my links

Myspace can serve a purpose

Finding old friends! I have managed to find old friends that I met and worked with at Baptist Health. I love these girls and thought I might not ever talk with them again. Tammy~ she has a blog too =)
Julie~so glad to have found you guys!

and she tries again.....

My friend Kim has decided to blog again. Please give her a welcome, you will find her on my links.


Monday night we headed to Conway so Juli and Jacob could work on his school project for the novel Maniac Magee. THANKS JULI We first met at Ruby Tuesday's for a wonderful salad bar, of course Jacob had his favorite mini burgers, then we headed to Juli's place to get to work.
They decided on the collage and got busy cutting.........

Final results along with a typed report. Thanks Denise for letting us use your printer last night!!
Jacob turns in his project today

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lots of beads....and

Lots of kids~Mardi Gras @ Poplar Street Middle School The parade...
more parade...
Jacob singing with the choir~ they sang songs like Mr. Roboto, Chicken Dance, Thriller, etc. Just little clips from each, it was cute!
Jason, Jacob B & Jacob B

Jacob & Dominick
Jacob & Matt T.~ good to see ya
Jen B was the hair color specialist =)


I usually don't discuss these things, but hey I am a female.
So I typed the divorce papers, you know he has been gone since June, and have now sent him a second set, he claims to have never gotten the 1st set. I sent both with postage paid envelopes to return them to me. It consist of two little things to sign a decree and a waiver of service, which keeps him from even having to show up at court. There is no property, no children, no nothing....... Will he return these papers, weeeeeeell no!
I have typed it, sent it, am going to pay for it and all, but oh no~
now you know why your a** is outta IDIOT!! Laugh with me, you know you wanna =)