Friday, March 20, 2009

Guess what Jackie taught me to do......That is right link, link, link~ look out now ..hahaha!!!
This excites me and thanks so much!!

I have a new title....

Bunco Historian...don't hate you know your
I was kind of in a funk last night and had some distractions but I did get most wins in a roll off. April's Bunco, bring it!! I am ready and leaving the phone at
Although I got most wins I have yet to wear the Bunco crown, and the only blog worthy photo is myself is black and white because I need a TAN!!! Like now!!! just sayin~
I love this group of girls, so much fun!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Let the madness begin....

March Madness starts today~ I have not completed or even seen a bracket, I think it must have crept up on us. I will just have to hope that you win with your bracket.

And tonight is.....
I have had this Bunco set for several years and am now getting to use it.
Jacob is home with a stomach bug, I had to pick him up from school yesterday. I sure hope it doesn't cycle through the house. Until then let the games begin!!
I do have a question that has been brought to me I am single and dating and certainly no spring chicken(37)...where do you draw the line with age? What is too young? What is too old? Share your thoughts..

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Baptist Health Preschool 1998

I signed the papers for photos that at the time were called Glamour Shots and went on to work, a few weeks later I arrived to pick him up and these were on display, talk about melt a Momma's heart. And if you know Jacob you know that this is so him, he would wear camo daily if he could. Just give the boy some woods and he would be a-okay. I just asked him the other night why he didn't want to go to the movies with some friends? His response was "Mom I get enough of all that at school, I want to go fishing!"

I chose Way Back Wednesday because Wordless Wednesday is supposed to be wordless and I might want to say something...and for some reason it irritates me to see a blog that says Wordless Wednesday and has 6 paragraphs under the photo, ummm hello, wordless???

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I think the funk is leaving as I feel much better today!
Maybe I can sneak in a green beer after all!
I read many blogs, probably too but I see all these Wordless Wednesday, Foto Friday, Not Me Monday, etc, etc. My plan is to start my own Way Back Wednesday (WBW) being pictures from the past, just any picture I may want to post. Maybe you would like to join in...

Monday, March 16, 2009


It was confirmed that Def Leppard, Cheap Trick & Poison will be coming to the State Fair....I am there!! It was also confirmed that I will be meeting them.....I always said I would meet Joe Elliot and I plan to do just that!!!

I know, I know~ such an 80's girl....maybe I will bring the big hair
With that being said I will leave you with a little 80's rockin music =)
I just knew when I woke up Saturday that I was headed to sick land...I made it through my hair appointment and that was about all I could do. Fever, chills, sneezing and down right grouch would be the next 48 hours for me. I should not be at work because I am still running fever but here I sit. If I have taken one pill I have taken 100 and made a quick swoop through Walgreen's this morning for more!!
The boys are here on Spring Break from OK and Jacob was able to hang out Saturday evening and go fishing on Sunday. I know he was glad to get the heck away from the grouchy Momma. I hope your week is great!