Tuesday, May 11, 2010

proud Momma :)

While Jacob was out fishing Saturday he took the time to buy me these beautiful roses. We had a nice relaxing day together Sunday.

catch of the day!

Jacob went fishing on Saturday and caught this fish. There was question if it was a snakehaed fish so he turned in a pic to Game & Fish and luckily it is just a bowfin fish. The snakehead fish are not a good thing to have in our waters!

wedding bells~

Kristen & TJ were married Saturday at the Junior League house and it was beautiful!!! I wish them many years of happiness~

ZZ Top

Friday night was ZZ Top and it was perfect weather for an outdoor concert!! The boys really enjoyed it!

bachelorette style~

Last week was Kristen's bachelorette party, it was a fun fun night! This is the only group shot I got and we are all facing different directions..ha!