Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bullets for today

  • Broken camera on it's way back to Kodak as soon as I can get to the post office. Sad day it was for me to find this favorite thing of mine like such. Bear with me as I may use some old photos while my camera is down.
  • Sinus meds for the household, weather change and Jacob don't mix!
  • Held yet another conversation with a doc about children & sleep. It is so very important! Why do people think kids can just stay up until whatever time they fall out?
  • Roommate in and settled. Yep I have been looking for a while and Jacob is pleased with the choice I made, he thinks he is a cool guy.
  • Rain = yuk
  • Huge Science project due by January. A complete book with table of contents, glossary, chapters, photos, etc. This will be on skeletal, muscular, digestive and many other body systems. We have a plan.
  • Thanks to Jamie for taking Jacob bowling, glad I could join and nope no pictures. This is when I discovered the camera was broke
  • Thanks to Marsha & Matt for having Jacob for some 4 wheeler riding, hangin out and church on Sunday.
  • I am kind of diggin the Christmas decorations thus far, gets me in the spirit.

Do you see my feet sticking out from under the bus? They are there!