Friday, October 3, 2008

Jacob's Big~

We met with Jacob's Big through Big Brothers Big Sisters yesterday. Things went well although Jacob was very sleepy and could not stop yawning. He is a local LR attorney and they have an outing scheduled for next weekend. I also work with his father, small world eh? If you ever think for one minute that your kids don't pay attention let me tell you otherwise. Every morning for years now after Jacob's feet hit the floor I say good morning~ I may sing it , I may say something silly, you just never know. Well Thursday morning I was in a hurry and he had gotten up and was milling around and he came to me and said "well good morning!" in this very stern voice as to why haven't you spoken to me yet.
I was slacking and he did not care for that!
Have a great weekend~

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Office Outing~Oyster Bar 10/08

All of my pictures were very dark. A nice time was had by all, just a few people missing.
My buddy Max was there and in rare form ;)
Probably because him Momma was being mean to

And yes I got permission to post photos.

Happy Birthday Luke!

He is 2 and that is just what he is showing you =)
After dinner Frederick and I managed to get him fired up a little, right before bed time. I am sure Dad appreciated that!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In good news~ Big Brothers called yesterday to say that Jacob may have a match, we will know more today =)

In other news I had the most emotional day yesterday since my mother's death. We all have something in our past that will rip us apart and it got me it really did! Just to vent....

A fall picture from last year...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sunday Visitors...

Bethany & Pam came to visit, it was a nice break from my all day cleaning.
Bethany played in my jewelry box and had on every bracelet I owned =)
I had bought this dress for Bethany during some bargain shopping, it has some nice smocking on it. We also got her fixed up with a red ribbon for her Halloween costume.

Bailey's Razorback party was great! Can't say that for the Hogs but the party was nice! Happy Birthday!

I made Jacob & Juli pose in this tree, jacob was not so crazy about the idea and I wish I had taken the pics in color...

1st School Dance

Jacob & Matt

Lots of socializing and not so much dancing...

Jacob & Matt liked to check in with their mom's once in a while =)
Marsha & I. We served pizza and it was great getting to be there!

Jacob being goffy after while cleaning up the gym...

First Jr. High Game

This is how Jacob came in from school Friday. I was glad to be there and just happen to be home taking care of some business, and yes it is all taken care of! New helmet~

Saturday morning game~

You can see Jacob on the line, he is #94 but it looks like #4 in the pic. Left Tackle~

On the sideline, in front of #16~

After shot~

And this is what my floor looked

The end result was not so good. The boys played 4 games and they were divided up into groups. Jacob is not so pleased with his group and I noticed him on the field giving lots of "come on boys" he is such a team player. The weather was beautiful~