Thursday, March 5, 2009

carpet cleaned~check
laundry complete~check (well almost)
last minute shopping~check
plans for Jacob~check
Carrie lined out to be the poor person to take me~check

I guess I am ready, let's go under the knife.....

In other news....T.O. kicked off the Cowboys, I am no Cowboys fan but I am sure not a T.O. fan! And I sure hope the Raiders do not take him back!! I heard mention of him going to Miami....... fine by me =)

Without Terrell Owens, the Cowboys still have plenty of talent. And no matter how far they go next season, they will not carry as much baggage.
Jerry Jones may finally be getting it. The Cowboys’ decision to release Owens late Wednesday night had to be difficult for the Cowboys’ owner. But it was the right move. So was the earlier decision to release Adam “Pacman” Jones.
While Terrell Owens is a talented football player, the distraction he brings is no longer worth it to the Cowboys. It takes more than talent to build a championship team.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Play on playa!
*said in my gansta voice* LOL
You know I picked Molly, but seriously she should take off running now!

And the next season...gag! I did not care for Jillian, the way she spoke was like fingernails on a chalkboard...

My Monday nights will be more open =)

2 more days til surgery and I am one busy bee, trying to get things squared away.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Are you serious??

Bachelor dude, your a trip!!!
Yes Molly was my pick all along, BUT to bring that poor Melissa girl on stage televised to tell her! Maybe she turned out to be a royal witch like I had said all along.

I kept thinking is this staged? Is this real?
Do you think it could have been staged? Share your thoughts....

And I think if I was Molly I would let him get on down the road...ha! How redneck did that sound? *laughing at self*

U2 releasing new album...gotta check that out.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Weekend you go way to fast!
Office outing on Friday @ Jaunita's, a great time! Jacob & Carrie joined us this time and I took very few pics.
Visits from Brandy & Greg as well as Jamie. We took a trip to Cabot to visit Della and hung out and Jamie stayed over last night, no pics. My camera skills are lacking...maybe I am nervous about Friday.
Have a great week~

We stayed in most of Saturday, Jacob rented a movie and he rented me Fireproof, we ended up watching it together....can I just tell you we both cried, yes my 12 year old son shed a tear over this movie. A must see!