Friday, May 8, 2009

For you AI fans Kris Allen is down the street and he has a large large crowd...

Alex Karev you melt my heart~

Line dancing today at work (part of Employee Appreciation Week) BBQ lunch to follow.

Jacob confesses to me last night that he wants to learn to play the drums...where do you begin?

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Kim and I are going to go out to Bogie's Saturday night and we were going to make this a girls night out. If anyone is interested in going let me know. We were going to go to her house and have a few before we go. I would love for all of us to go!!!!!

I will tell you that I have the City of LR Employee picnic on Saturday and I am on the committee, LOTS OF WORK.
I will be going by my tired gauge =)

You are soooo old!

Is this a sign?? lol

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Jacob, Pre-K, Scott Elementary
He was so excited, look at that grin!!
This is the only year that he has not gone to Lakewood.
Katie his step sister was already in school so he thought he was big stuff hanging with the older kids.

He did question the socks when I showed him these pics :)

Are you serious?? I know it's not a pic but I came across this and had to share. In 2002 I had this awfully bright personalized plate on the front of my white Monte Carlo. Ohhh I crack myself up....didn't want anyone to miss me in
Glad it was not on there yesterday when the wierd guy asked for my phone number in traffic on my way home, thennnn he pulled over, thennnn he followed for a bit. I took a side road and was outta there ha!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Athletic Banquet~

Last night was Jacob's end of the year athletic banquet, it was nice. They had a catered bbq dinner and then gave out certificates. Jacob was ready to bounce after 7th grade football so this we did...why because he had some plumbing to do obviously....
Jacob calls me yesterday afternoon to tell me about this eco friendly kit thingie he got from his science teacher, Mom it has a new shower head, a new faucet head for the kitchen sink, and doo hickey to tell you when to change your air filter, eco light bulb, etc. Well he went to work and by 9:00 I had water everywhere and a mess, was the homework done, no?!?! Thanks teach!
Oh and the new shower head made me feel like I was drowning this morning.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Let's have a margarita!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

i have new neighbors

update: I am thinking maybe 10-12 people live in this tiny house...

they do not have a dryer!!! This was the view as Jamie and I sat on my back patio last week...this makes me gringe, especially when they have been there for 4 days, yes the same clothes. I know I could just as easily be without a dryer, but take it in when dry, and um hellooooo it is raining...
The weekend was good, all that was missing was a boat. Dang at the rain!!
As I mentioned below Friday night was beer pong at Leah's, I love my Gadwall's girls. Oh and my dentist was there, a little odd but it was nice to meet his family.

Saturday Jacob had a party at Playtime Pizza then a sleep over. I might have took a 4 hour nap that afternoon, mainly because of the rain and maybe recovering from beer pong. I never even played so not sure what

Sunday was a total chill day for us.

Tonight is Jacob's end of the year Athletics Banquet. I think it will be loooooong, dinner and awards for all sports not just football....

There is this boy....I think he is cute....just sayin'