Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Static Electricity

Juli~ thanks for the wonderful science project idea.
Which material creates the most static electricity? Using cotton, polyester, wool, balloons & rice krispies. Thanks again for your help!

Welcome to blogging!

Katie Lou has a blog now~ The picture above is such a Jacob & Katie pic..

Their first visit after 4 years

We were with katie for about 7 years and now she is in Texas, what a great way to keep in touch.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You've got mail

As I have mentioned before Michele is the high school cheerleading coach at the school she teaches at. In addition she coaches the Scream Team (pep club). In the mail today I got cheer shoes, I promise I will do a cheer for you ;)

Jacob & I both got lots of Locust Grove t-shirts and Jacob got a check for new shoes.

Thanks so Michele! She always thinks of Jacob =)

Before this photo I said "This one is for Michele" so here is your pic. I could not have one taken of myself because I am on photos strike with the dark roots I have going on...
We had practice last night and the boys got their uniforms. No more practice this week with the rain but we have a game Saturday morning in J-ville.
FROM THIS.......

TO THIS........

Goodness how time flies and they are growing up so fast.

Thanks again Kim for your scanning help =)

Monday, April 7, 2008

~Jacob is back on the Honor Roll. All year he has had a few C's holding him back and he has brought those up. WAY TO GO JACOB!!! You make me so proud.

~Friday night Jacob spent the night with Jeremy and they went to a Traveler's game. As always thanks for having him!

~Jacob and I got the yard mowed and put new mulch around the fountain and put out the frogs, they make me smile.

~We start back at baseball practice tonight in an alternate area. Maybe we will have games this weekend and possibly even try to finish up the tournament we started. This will have to take place at another ball park.

~It's Monday, have a wonerful week!