Friday, June 24, 2011

Little Rock residents vote YES!!!

as you see LR has the lowest tax rate, and increase will do wonders for the City!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hmmm kind of relates

a friend sent me my horoscope today....I needed this! I disagree with the soft spoken part, nothing about me is soft spoken ;)

Virgo Jun 21 2011
You don't give yourself enough credit, Virgo. You're naturally humble and probably soft-spoken, which may be why you aren't patting yourself on the back right now and blowing your own horn. You've recently come through an ordeal with flying colors due to your diligence and integrity. You may not see it that way, though. You probably figure that you did what you did because it was what was required of you. Nothing more and nothing less. That's a typically humble Virgo reaction. But it isn't vain or narcissistic to recognize your own achievements. It's necessary sometimes to applaud yourself for a job well done because it keeps your spirits up and makes your successes that much more enjoyable.