Monday, September 27, 2010

weight loss talk....

I don't really talk much on here about my weight loss journey I have been on however I weighed yesterday and was down 3 more lbs.
2 more lbs and I will have met my 1st goal. Still a long way to go but slowly it is coming off. I wanted to share this pic....the one on the left is from September 2009 (grosss) and the one on the right is September 2010~

Happy 12th Birthday Bailey!

(I have to laugh that this originally said Happy Birthday Jacob)

My nephew Bailey is a major Razorback fan. How fitting it was for his birthday to be at Razorback Pizza during the Arkansas - Alabama game. The loss was not so good but it was a good game.
It is very obvious in this pic that I have been sick for over a week with sinus stuff...blek

What a great party!! We love you Bailey!!!