Friday, June 12, 2009

The boys made it back and Jacob had a blast!! A picture when they returned...

I failed to send a camera with Jacob but turns out his counselor Mike is a friend of mine so I got pics afterall :)

They slept in what they call the bat cave and this is the spot where Jacob slept. Neato!

The Lakers win, so here's my Derek Fisher pic.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So my phone rings this morning, it shows up as Matt which is Jacob's friend that he is at camp with. I got a little excited, I answer, I hear Matt's voice......
Matt: "um hey did you call?"
Me: "I did the other night to see how things were"
Matt: "well we are about to eat breakfast and my phone doesn't get good service, so we will talk to ya later"

me as he hangs up "well tell Jacob"
click and he was gone...I think they are growing up and this is a sign~silly boys!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

WBW~Way Back Wednesday

Jacob in Gulf Shores 2006. I love this picture!!!
Jacob with braces in 2004. And yes we will have another set soon.
Gosh I have missed him this week! Yours truely in 1998 (I think). This was at a NYE party at Kelli & Danny's. We did a little boot scootin' boogie after midnight and had a blast!!

I have been slacking on the blog this week, I feel overwhelmed and so busy and really can't figure out what I am doing to be so

Monday, June 8, 2009


Jacob left for D-Camp (church camp) this morning. I hope he has a blast!!!

Weekend was good. Jacob had a great time on his fishing trip, he caught lots of fish and even brought some home for me to cook. We baked it because I don't know how to fry it, I don't really fry food.
Saturday evening I stopped by a local dive (t-shirt and all ) with some friends and had a blast. This dude said he was a former Razorback, huge Razorback ring but I wondered if it was fake. We laughed and wondered if it was a pick up line...haha