Friday, April 17, 2009

Jamie has an addiction

Had lunch with Jamie...lunch with Jamie always looks like this. Why? Because Jamie eats Sushi for every meal. This was called The Angry Wife's Roll, neither of us are married nor angry but it was good. It had tuna, salmon, yellowtail & snapper in it.
It took a very long time then the computers crashed and we had to wait to run our debit cards. The "sushi man" hollered at us as we got ready to leave and said "hey, sit down, 2 minute" he had made us this. Oh and Jamie insisted we stay "I am gonna eat this cat"
We guess it was a cat....

it's all in the blow...

I had Bunco last night at Amy's. A great time was had by all.!

You see all these girls modeling (showing off) the Bunco crown, well I am the only Bunco virgin in the group. Towards the end I started blowing on my dice and things picked up a little, Cat said "it's all in Stacia's blow" LOL
Look out next month girls!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

are you ready for summer?

Jacob is!! And here is my WBW

This picture was taken summer 1998.
This Ralph Lauren tank was a favorite of mine because you could see his little arms and the little rolls. And those eyes, oh those blue eyes! He will be so mad at me over this post. and this is summer 1999, starting to loose that baby look here....
Jennifer & I, 1988 Parkview High School
We had our pictures made for our yearbook ad, although this is not the one we used. Bon Jovi hair, Swatch Watch, Units belt....oh my stars we are getting old!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just some bullets of this weeks stuff..

~Benchmark Testing for Jacob, which means early to bed at our house
~Tanning, and no not
~rescheduled Jacob's photo shoot that was to be this Saturday with Shannon Treadway due to his sunburn

and is that it??? maybe we are boring this week haha!

I am ready for some of this....

and this....

and this....

Don't forget your WBW tomorrow!

Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny brought Jacob this red face...oh and these goodies. A rack for his fishing poles, new sheets and a basket. You know they are getting older when they get sheets in a Easter Basket. Fishing without sunscreen= A BAD BURN!!!!!
We had a wonderful Easter dinner with Carrie and the kids. I took very few pics and I hope she will send some my way =)

We did have babies dancing in

egg dye & mimosas

Friday night Jennifer & I had fun with egg dye with the girls. Jacob & Brett popped in but only for a few minutes....
Then the roommate popped in...... I don't think either of them were too excited about the eggs. Jacob was leaving again to spend the night with Brett and go fishing on Saturday.
As we were wrapping things up I had the small end of this little thing below on my pointer finger twirling it around, well somehow the open end went right into my finger, as I tried to pull it out the further it would go in....I finally got it out and YES it hurt soooo bad. The things I