Friday, September 21, 2007


Kim & Bart
Pam & Steve
I could not find one single picture of Pam & Steve on my computer, I know most of you are schocked because I have so many, but none! So I put a picture of me and Pam =)


Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!! We love you ~

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yesterday Ashley treated me to lunch at El Chico we were joined by Kim & Kelli~ great times girls! And Kelli thanks for my goody bag ;)

When I got home from work Jacob and Ashley had gotten me flowers, cupcakes a nice candle and the Taylor Swift c.d.. I was then off to the nail salon with Denise, I got a pretty red color, the girl sitting next to me said it was hooker red...LOL.
Thanks to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes, I did get some unexpected phone calls and visitors for my birthday =)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's my birthday.....

Happy Birthday to me!! I am 26~ oh yes plus 10. Gosh I am old.
My morning started off good, Susan called bright and early with birthday wishes. Then when getting to work I went to staff meeting to be sang to by my coworkers~great jobs guys! and enjoy a delicious strawberry cake that Katie made just for me =)
strawberry is the ONLY cake I will eat.
Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Birth day a day early, how nice. Starla got me a gift card to Target. Love me some Target. THANKS BUNCHES!!!
Denise is taking me to have my nails done tomorrow evening. Thanks girl!

Monday, September 17, 2007

I was not happy with the end result of either of these games =(

Congrats Zoey

Congratulations to Zoey on the birth of her 9 puppies! Loooong story behind this but as most of you know I am not a big animal lover. Well I have taken a liking to my sisters dog and they tease me so bad. I brought the dog a souvenier...LOL! It is a Harley Davidson collar, too cute!

White Twisters vs. Maumelle Wildcats

The score we will just leave behind and not discuss =(

Terri was there to show her support!
Jacob #3 ~ Jeremy #10
Hands on the ball.....
Jacob & Coach Curtis
In action~Jacob in red, Jeremy in blue
LOOK at this kid Jacob had to block~HE IS HUGE!!!
Saturday night we watched the Razorbacks =(. Then JT came over to introduce me to his girlfriend.
Sunday Jacob went bike riding with Chris, Jeremy and Zach. They rode the Big Dam Bridge and over to Buffalo Grill for dinner. Thanks for the invite! Denise and Carson hung out with me, enjoyed the company! BOOO~
Friday night Jacob & Jeremy were ready to show their support for NLRH. They tossed a few balls before heading out to the game.
NLR won by a long shot~ way to go!


Friday I picked up mine & Denise's game shirts, no trouble figuring out who our boys are ;)
I also picked the stickers for our cars.