Friday, September 14, 2007

Crablegs at Hazel's (Gulf Shores)

Jacob loves crab legs now thanks to Michele ;)
Before Oklahoma he would not dare try them. If it happens in Oklahoma it is cool says Jacob.
Thanks Kim for the border!

LuLu's~ Lucy Buffett's

I did not take many shots at LuLu's, I was too busy buying shirts I bought a total of 7. I love them!! A new one this year says on the back ~It's Not Easy Being A Princess~ and of course I had to have it.

Jacob loves the sand... This shovel was the best investment of the whole trip!


More random shots....

Most of these are from the day we arrived
Jacob has learned that wet blue jeans are very heavy

Our pool at the condo
After our 9 hour drive, pretty obvious by looking at

Our Condo pool
The Pink Pony Pub on the beach, a really cool place!

I love this kid!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ruby Tuesday's has Gators...

Random vacation shots....

Mellow Mushroom ~

Connect Four with Monica

Jacob, Brittney & Meagan

Our condo bedroom

Some filming

Doc's Seafood Shack

Heading Out breakfast at McD's

ewwwwww jelly fish! Johhny didn't mind

Dolphin Cruise

One afternoon we took a Dolphin Cruise. This was very pleasant, we enjoyed ourselves.

The Captain asked Jacob to help him look for Hawks. He also let Jacob, Megan and Johnny drive the boat.

See this yellow So glad Igot the color!

The other Dolphin Cruise boat and the shrimp boat we got to watch them pull in the shrimp net and the Dolphins went crazy over the fish they threw back.

Boogie Board Boy

Jacob spent most of his beach time on his boogie board, this was his favorite. He got pretty good at riding those waves in. I really like some of these pictures!


We do! Haha I crack myself up.
Meet Pee Wee Herman~Jacob purchased this Hermit Crab and he made the trip home safely. He gives me the creeps but is kind of neat to watch. decisions ~ decisions

I bought this Hermie Hut for jacob on one of my shopping trips. How appropriate to find a football.