Friday, October 17, 2008

Jumping aboard~

I have decided for several reasons to make my blog private like most of my friends in the blogosphere. I have googled just my first name and was able to go right to my blog, especially if you google Stacia and Jacob. With that being said if you want to follow please comment or email me at

My phone number...To change or not? I have been receiving private calls for some time now, 32 in one night. Seriously people that is so irritating and why would someone do this constantly. Sometimes they play me music, sometimes not. The music kind of gives them away ;). But seriously this is my number that I have had for a long time, it is MINE, please stop calling unless you want to talk or pay the Lame huh? I think they call more often when they have had some alcohol, you know like in the middle of the night or the crack of dawn.

Grey's was good last night, but Alex needs to loose the attitude, makes him not so cute. Okay well maybe I do like to see a little rebel in a man but just a little =)
Jacob has his 1st "Junior High Party" tonight for two of his classmates 13th birthday. Fun stuff!
Ballgame in the morning. A few things to do this weekend but not a real busy schedule, thank goodness.
Have a great weekend~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The State Fair~
soakin' wet!! My VIP packet I was given happened to be for Wednesday night and Wednesday night only, who would think it would
Jacob went with his Big so he was off with him while we toughed it out in the rain, Jacob caught a ride home with us.
Bethany enjoyed the rides, Pam and I as well. And yes we were soaked, all of our clothes looked like they were falling off. The camera I kept put up most of the time just too much rain and I was carrying a lovely Little Mermaid umbrella =)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lakewood 8-Bryant 22 Jacob played center last night, finally! He is getting in there right in front of that #9
Can't see him but he is in there, such a shorty...
#94, your Momma loves you =)
deep thought...

And after, looking for somebody and not listening to the coach...
Thanks to the Parsley's for coming out!

From above...

Race For The Cure 2008
Jacob was able to be in the cherry picker with the Mayor, I thought this was a very neat experience for him.

See those signs, my

Jacob took some really good photos while he was up there~

After~ Denise made it the whole thing through at almost 8 months pregnant and Susan did not stick around for photo opps, she walked with us as well. Jacob's shirt says Chicks Dig Pink...appropriate!

and Toya~

Happy Birthday Bruce~

3 miles of men =)

Happy Birthday Juli~

We love you!