Friday, June 5, 2009

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. I am going to get some rest this weekend at some point. Jacob left today for a fishing trip with Brett and will be back tomorrow. Pictures to be taken on Sunday with Shannon . Then Jacob leaves for Church Camp on Monday. What will I do with myself for a whole week??

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jacob got his yearbook (Memory Book as they call it) today and I checked him and a friend out an noon. These are Jacob's ads~
And guess who is chair for next year's yearbook committee....yours truely :) this will be fun! Marsha will be my co-chair.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

caught ya!

not paying attention that is. If you will look a little closer on Joy's blog under Anyone game for a trip?
you will see at the very bottom that she is auditioning for American Idol. Yep, we must form a fan club! Oh how I would love to go with!

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Jacob 3 months old~There are really no words for this happy little face!!
And another Baptist Health Preschool glamour shot. I was not excited about these when I got them, but now some years later I love it!
Such a happy little guy! It's hard to believe he is wrapping up his 7th grade year.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is (was) my phone, yes held together with tape. It was a hand me down and I loved it! I am trying to avoid extending my contract with my carrier and am looking into some new carriers. But a friend gave me a phone on Sunday that is much nicer, and no tape :)
I am thinking he thought I should be a little ashamed of

Sunday is the photo shoot with Shannon Treadway. YAY! I thas only been rained out oh 10 times.

I am leaning towards the female roomie. She will need to move in July 1.
I still have much to think about but it is a sign that she showed up at my door hours after the other one moved and I would like to have a roomie for about 1 more year.

WBW don't forget! I gotta come up with something good...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kim made this for me and I LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!
My boy loves fishing...I will buy him a boat soon as I can (within the net 2 years, I hope) of course I must get an SUV first to pull it :)

Jacob completes his first year of Junior High (7th grade) Thursday. He leaves for church camp the following week and has a busy summer scheduled.

It's a random kind of day....

which means a random kind of post~

The weekend was nice, I would call it uneventful but that would not be the case. Saturday Jacob and I spent a looong time at Game Exchange, he was wheelin' and dealin'. We did some shopping, bought us a baby grill, cooked out, did some yard work and of course I could not ever get this whole weed eater thing to work out *sigh* that stuff is NOT easy. When Jacob FINALLY got it started I had the line ripped out by the fence in minutes. *note to self, pay someone to do this stuff :)
As you see below Jamie and I joined my Gadwall's girls at Fox and had a great time.

Roomie moved to his ex girlfriends yesterday, he called within 4 hours to say he had made a mistake. I was busy and could not talk, wonder if he will call back? 2 hours after his leaving a friend of his showed up to ask if I was looking for another roomie. I am not sure if I am and just need to ponder the thought....

Sunday, May 31, 2009

A night at Fox & Hound....I like all the pics :)

Amanda was having wierd thoughts about this jello