Friday, October 5, 2007

Central High Events

Little Rock Nine

The crowd...

Toya loves Jason Harper!

Ernest Green, Little Rock Nine

White Twisters Defeat Jacksonville Wildcats

These are a few weeks old as well, gosh what happened to I love these action shots of Jacob blocking
That is my center in the black pants,everyone is supposed to get black pants. The game pants that were distributed just don't fit my short legged kiddo, the knee pads are on his ankles.

Shelby is a fan~
Final Score.....

Bad blogger.....

Bailey's Birthday @ Gator Park
Better late than never

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I grew these Petunia's just for you =)
While searching for another picture I came across this one and I just love it!! These did so well this summer~

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Time to decorate...

Time to get out the Halloween decor. Actually I got mine out last weekend but most still sits in the tote. You know I always have to post pictures from previous years 2006 Jacob & Deven

2005/I did so good on this make up job =)

Monday, October 1, 2007

No blogging for over a week *sigh*
My baby boy is sick =(
Jacob is scheduled for surgery on 12/17, how fun on your Christmas break. His tonsils and adnoids are man size and in addition to that they are swollen, inflammed, whatever you call it but either way it is blocking his airway. Doctor says give him these narcotics ( and many other Rx's) to relax his airway (I do not like giving him things like such) and keep him in the bed with you at night in case his breathing becomes real labored and if so bring him to the ER immediately. You can hear this child breathing across the room. Doc says he will be down at least a week and a half so we must wait until Christmas break to keep his grades from falling. Speaking of grades Jacob is doing very well this year! He had decided to run for school President and I guess had some anxiety over the weekend and has changed his mind. He states he just does not have time with football. And no he sure can't breathe after practice and he must return this evening, poor guy!
Ramona thanks for your help!

Last week was real busy @ work with the Central High Events, the ceremony was really nice, a tear jerker for me.
I did make it weekend before last to the Morris Day concert and met the band. That was neat even though I had met them before. Enjoyed the company Dawn. I have a few pictures BUT the camera is deeeeaaaaaad!

The Raiders beat the Dolphins yesterday YAY! I get very excited to see anyone beat the Dolphins especially my team =)

Jermaine Taylor~ well this just goes to can't always be on the top.

Jacob spent the night with the other Jacob B. and went skating~Thanks for the invite! Jacob's dad is going to do my tattoo =) stay tuned


Happy Monday to each of you!