Monday, December 19, 2011

from our family to yours~

this and that

 My office Christmas party at Cafe Prego...yes my makeup looks a little clownish, yuk!
 baking :)

 a wonderful visit from Madi :)

last week, wow the weeks are flying by!

 Made this at work for an organization that I think was auctioning them off....Not to snazzy but hey it works

 Matt & Jacob hung lights for Nano and I made them this Cowboy casserole...I did taste it and it was good. After January 1st I will not even be able to taste it, I start a boot camp and am getting back to my eat clean diet!
 We made some cookies and ummm they were gross, tasted much like play doh ha!
and I must mention that if Matt is at home he is in a sleeveless tshirt, he does not wear these out & about ;)