Friday, November 2, 2007

Very few pics of halloween but this is what I have Deven ~he is scarey
Jacob and Deven
Cute babies!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween
Be Safe!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE!!! and many more

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

You'll shoot your eye out....

I started my Christmas shopping yesterday, only one gift but hey that's a start!


Happy 2nd Birthday Max!
Sorry we missed your party!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Championship here we come....

Playoffs~ White Twisters 18 Gold Twisters 2.
I only took 2 pics then the camera died. I got a charge long enough to capture the scoreboard. Our boys really played a good ball game. This Saturday will be the championship game against the Maumelle Wildcats. SATURDAY NOVEMBER 3rd @ 3:30, SEE YOU THERE!!! We have a long tough week of practice coming up.
Jacob B. spent the night Saturday night and they went to see The Comebacks. Jacob & I went to Gadwall's for the 1st time since the fire, it was nice. We also worked on Jacob's project and I did some cleaning.
Friday night I took Jacob to a Halloween party and hayride in Scott. Cool hayride!

Boo at the Zoo

I had passes for the VIP night to Boo, a good time was had by all! Even if it was wet ;)
Some of you know about the car situation last week, and for you who don't on Tuesday my window went down and never came back up. Wouldn't ya know it, rained all week. I had people try to by pass with wires, some try to manaully raise it and some run parts, ya da ya da. We were hitching rides to work, school, football, everywhere.
So I prayed a lot (and cried). There is power in prayer! Friday afternoon things began to fall in place, and more things broke.
Salvage yards (for the electric motor switch), auto zone for the new battery, yes it would not start after all that wait. But we got it going, now a few more reapirs but we are driving =)
This morning Jacob & I stopped to get gas and he was just getting out to go pay and I said "We are driving ourselves this morning"
He says "I am so glad"
I say "God is good"
I then turn my head and their was a lady at my car window with her bible and 2 different pieces of reading material. It was a mesage, it really was.
To each of you who helped me last week with a ride, or borrowing your car, or running parts, or picking up Jacob THANK YOU love you guys!