Friday, August 24, 2007

We will miss you!

Today is Katherine's last day with the City of Little Rock. Congrats on your new position in Austin!!
I will miss your uplifting attitude and especially our talks we would have. You always seem to have a way to look at the positive side of everything. I wish you the best life has to offer and you MUST stay in touch.
I was not able to attend Katherine's going away party @ Cajun's the other night due to football and was sorry I missed it.
Yes Katherine you know I cried when typing this
Remember this ~ We do things because we can =)

Thursday, August 23, 2007


14 days, but who's counting?

A few pictures to reflect on last years trip to the Gulf =)
I wish I could leave today and take all of my bloggers with me.
Happy Thursday! It's five o'clock somewhere....
The coaches are NOT happy that Jacob will be missing the 1st game due to our late vacation. He asked "who will snap the ball for us? Can he stay behind and stay with me?"
Jacob is torn over this.

What is a center w/o his quarterback....nadda.
Last night Matthew Parsley, Jacob's quarterback hitched a ride home with us and I managed to get them to pose for a few pictures.
Michael & Mary Grace posed as well.
Look at those muscles......sorry it is a little blurry

Lovin Carrie's new car, although it blends right in.
I walked again last night YAY and had great company of Denise & Carson. Thanks for the pep talks Denise.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Streeetch those muscles

Day two of practie and Jacob is very sore. I had him do some stretches before practice. The muscle in his thigh is so big and gets so sore, any home remedy ideas?? I try to rub them but he can get a little antsy. Day two of school was great and Jacob was assigned his locker, that was very exciting to him. Almost exciting as the fact that he does not have to drink milk at lunch everyday, he was able to purchase a Propel yesterday.

He lets me take pictures at home but not so much on the field. I need to be a little discreet ;)

Me, Denise, Carrie and Mary Grace walked during practice. Jacob asked if I was forming a walking
I am so rushed this week trying to get the hang of this new routine. The helemt we bought was too big, they gave us the wrong size and they will not have his size until next week, wearing the old one for now.
His mouth piece melted to my purse during one of my trips to the helmet shop yesterday, can you say HOT! And you boil these things in hot water....
I left work early to get the helmet not knowing they did not even have the darn thing *insert sigh* and slammed into the back of a Dodge pick up. Yep my fault! I started to call police and the nice man got out to check on me and said my car was not hurt nor his truck and we could just go. To say the least I left.
Then I lost my keys before getting to pratice, then I thought I had broke my camera.
Today I am dealing with that Crayon Breaker AGAIN!! ugh

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

White Twisters 1st Practice

And here you have it!
The White Twisters. Jacob circled in red and Jeremy in green. (How do you like my Lookin' good boys. Jacob is a little sore in the legs this morning but is ready to head back out there. Denise, Carson & myself all walked last night. See you tonight =)

Monday, August 20, 2007

Bailey made it off to 3rd grade at Mayflower Elementary. Thanks for the pictures Ashley!

Now this cracks me up.......kind of looks like Aunt Stacia, hu?


This morning I dropped Jacob off for his 1st day of 6th grade at Poplar Street Elementary. Yes dropped him off as they requested that the parents do not come in. I did not care for this at all.
Jacob was excited to see his friends and not nervous in the least bit.
Jacob will ride a bus home from school for the 1st time and this too makes me nervous. I hope he has a wonderful day.

p.s. yes I did cry