Friday, April 10, 2009

when you are white, powder white that is, the first 2 tans burn doubt!! Why did I not get some "olive" in my skin color??

I worked on this for a bit last night...putting out some new mulch. Come join me on my patio and I will cook for you.
Jacob is playing hooky today to go with Brett and to fish. He is in need of some guy time!
Wishing each of you a Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

hippity hoppity

The Easter Bunny came to see us at work today....
You get black and white because I have that whole concealer is too light thing going Working on that now =)

How did Thursday get here?? Regardless I'll take it =)

Things I know...
~we plan to dye eggs Friday night with Carrie, Jennifer and all the little egg heads
~Saturday I am going to get some stuff done around the house and yard, weather permitting.
~I want to have a play day....not a sick day.....just a play day. Drop the kiddo off at school and play!
~Started tanning and bought the labels they come up with crack me up

~Started walking again
~Bloodwork shows under active thyroid...ya think?? See the specialist on the 20th. Bring on the meds and let's get that thing workin!! haha
~Started some vitamins that seem to be giving me lots of energy..get some!!
~Matt & Maddy will be on Oprah Monday, don't miss it!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Easter 2002

After a few phone calls last night and a few good laughs I changed the pic to black and white...oh the things we do...haha!

Oh and how could I forget that there is nothing like a good ole slap in the face by strep throat on a Monday/Tuesday. This week... can only be uphill from here!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday was beautiful, a little windy but so pretty. I took my car to have brakes and rotors and Jennifer hung out for a while. We had a Kohl's and Wal Mart shopping trip then watched this football game in the front got pretty

Starla's special day~

Saturday Jacob and I traveled with Toya and Laurie to El Dorado for Starla & Corie's wedding. She was a beautiful bride.

Jacob took the ACT Saturday morning and he said it was not difficult but that he needed more time. I am anxious to see his results.