Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy Friday!

Michele will be back today after her week in Vegas, lucky duck! She will stay with me this weekend and I guess we will get out amongst the NCAA crowds.
On my brackets I am tied in 1st with two of my coworkers =)
I am going to win this thing, oh and yes I had help, thanks A!

Jacob was very thankful when he woke up this morning because it was Friday and he is on Spring Break next week (we will get to spend most of it together) and we have had a very busy week.

I attended a funeral yesterday for a high school friend, actually junior high. I have not seen most of these girls since my mother's funeral (18 yrs ago) and it was a bit emotional. I heard over and over how much I looked like my mother or how I talked like her, etc. This is a great compliment but I think I cried from the time I left the funeral until 7:00 last night.
Rest In Peace Marci.

Baby shower at work this afternoon for Nataki & Juanenna.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

March Madness

I filled out my 2 brackets for work, wish me luck. The winner gets to pick what charity we will give the winnings to! I hope I am the winner, I had some good help ;)
I also finished Valerie Bertinelli's autobiogrpahy, I do recommend it
Jacob and I had dinner with Katie last night at the Olive Garden. Katie is in town on Spring Break. We got to see her on Spring Break last year also, maybe they can get together each year. Katie and Jacob were (step) brother & sister for a long time. These two met when jacob still wore diapers =)
Note that she is taller than me now, geez time flies!
Any way you slice it this was a bit emotional....

Monday, March 17, 2008

I left out the Mexican Chicken pics in a post below....when I say we cooked Mexican Chicken I mean a ton of it. We could have fed an army, actually we

Busy , busy

Michele made it in just as I had finished a workout. We dropped off Jacob with the boys and Michele, Terri and myself headed to Gadwall's. Terri had a softbal tournament on Saturday.
Jacob spent the weekend riding, and more riding.
Saturday Michele and I cooked mexican chicken and took it out to the boys.

Then we headed out with Joe for a little dancing =)
Michele wanted to buy Jacob his baseball bat, here he is trying it out with a few swings. THANKS MICHELE!!! Picking out a bat was a complicated task ;)
Last week I joined Richard & Mark at Rumba after work for some Mojito's on the patio, the weather was so nice!