Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Jacob's 1st game is tomorrow night, GO COUGARS! Unfortunately I know he will not get to start and it may be pushing it to say he might play. The broke wrist and now the sunburn has really set him back. He is back at school today with many blisters.
For my WBW I chose a football pic (2006 All Star Game) and I love love love this pic of him playing center which is his passion. Baby boy can snap that ball!!
That is Matthew P. as quarterback and these two were like PB&J on the field. They worked together very well!
And of course you have a ton of players in Junior High so the competition for positions is way up, and Jacob is very short, not a plus in football. I will let you know later if I am fond of this new coach, so far the answer is no!!

p.s. yes I love this Miley Cyrus song and Jacob laughs at me :)

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jax said...

YAY WBW! Got your comment.. You didnt send em to my work email did you? That thing clogs like crazy and I'm not on it really for another couple mos.. Send to that email addy I think I sent ya.. jackiemw**** (I astericked my last name..haha) :)

:) XOXO!