Friday, September 4, 2009

what's on our minds...

We have our tickets, a wonderful parking pass, our Razorback attire and we are ready for the game :) I know it's not WBW but I came across this pic of Juli and I from a Razorback game in 2005 I believe. My 1st game and tomorrow will be Jacob's 1st game. and yes that sweatshirt was huge and yes I did crop someone out ;)

Lakewood 28 - Pulaski Heights 30
I only got one picture of last nights game. It was a good game but a long night. The boys can't leave with their parents this year they have to ride the bus back to the school and be picked up there. Problem was they had to wait for a bus...
As I had mentioned Jacob's number changed before the game to #67.

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