Thursday, July 3, 2008


Jacob & I wish each of you a very Happy 4th! Be safe!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The bamboo & The saw... The finger....
looked much better yesterday, thank goodness!

Monday, June 30, 2008

For Sale, again...

The tanning bed is for sale again. The idiots never picked it up from November and the time frame is up. Contact me if you are interested.

Toxic People You Say?

As it was put to me by Carrie P. during our workout Saturday morning, "some people are just toxic"

You ever had one of these in your life? We all have! Carrie also informed me that my big heart and my giving personality tends to make these types of people draw to me.

You know the people that ooze negativity, that lie constantly, that manipulate any situation to be a "self" situation, you know? I know you know. And then they play the pitiful me crap~ gag me!!

You do for them and they still hurt you, or better yet they hurt your child!!! Yes I said CHILD, sicko right? Explain's why they treat their own children so poorly and don't even raise their own children. Oh but they can try to play super Mom to some man's children....LMAO that is a joke!

These types of people are very very dangerous not only to themselves but to anyone they come in contact with!!!!

Saturday afternoon I picked Jacob up from Deven's and we headed to Hot Springs for an overnight getaway with Jan & Juli. We had Mexican at La Hacienda and did lots of shopping.
Jan's kitchen inspires me, makes me want to overhaul mine.
Sunday morning by the lake was pleasant, the weather was so nice.
Murphy with his morning
Sakura Sunday, Jacob loves California Rolls I also made it to B Jaxx Saturday on our way, I was determined to get this purse and just had to have the make up bag/case.
Throw pillows finally after a year, I knew Kirklands would have something.
Jacob got a new bathing suit and some shirts. These shirts are questionable, but if you know Jacob he had to have them and is mature enough to handle the comments they will create.
These Asic shoes were a must have, they kind of remind me of the Tin Man but Jacob loves them!
And for the rest of it, it was put away right

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A little blogging from Hot Springs...Michele YOU ROCK and you know it, call it what it is and you did from jump, i should have never doubted you!

A lot of shopping and Mexican and the lake was very pleasant this morning, this neighbor man not so much but this Spring like weather is great.

Juli & I were cutting down bamboo for my living room and Jacob cut his index finger with the saw. Thank goodness he had a tetnis (sp?) shot yesterday.
Until Monday.....