Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

arrest made!!!

The 20 year old boy that lives next door to me with his mother was arrested & charged this morning for burglary to my home....
the leaf blower he had pawned & the battery jump box thing was on his property. Now for the other things there is reason to believe that he may have placed it in my trash can after his mother told him to return it (his mother that would NOT look me in the eye yesterday, now I know why...she knew!!). Jacob has said that the trash was extra heavy when he took it out at about 11:00 last night when we came in from the fair. This could have also been the rain, oh how I hope so!! I would much rather have his Xbox than the blower and jump box....
I have had a few emails of people asking me how in the world???

See these windows.....they are in my front room (red room)
back behind Jacob and my car on the left is a carport door Those wondows are in the room behind Jacob where the front door is..
I would often tie back same said windows like such and leave them like such for days (before the room was painted red)

by looking in those windows you could see the xbox, this is where Jacob sat to play..

the laptop sat over here and you can see in this room as well by looking in those windows...

you can see here how you can see the red room on the left and the laptop would be over behind Jeremy (in white)

I know I just drew it out how to get in or what have you, but hey if someone dare they should come on in....I am ready!
Will got to pawn shop today

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The detctives have located my leaf blower at a pawn shop not far from my home, you ready for this................................................................................................................................
It was pawned by my next door neighbor last week. SO they got that out of my building (I say building it is a storage room attched to my home, much like a laundry room) last week then gained some confidence and entered my home on Sunday night!!
Stay tuned~

WBW~Way Back Wednesday

Arkansas State Fair 2005
and this may be the end of my blogging because Jacob may likely choke me for this pic..hahaha!

We were gifted a VIP packet to the Fair for tonight and we will be doing things like above but I highly doubt Jacob will be willing to milk an artificial cow!?!?!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Sunday we had an appointment with the giraffe at the LR Zoo to go in and feed them. We took Leah, Jenifer, Aidan, Hunter & Hudson and we all had a blast! We laughed so hard at the monkeys and the show they put on...shew they can be really gross!!
These pics were on my camera and laptop, both of which are now gone so Denise emailed them to me.

Back to the weekend and before the burglary...Saturday I hung out with Denise and watched the game. Carson & I had some fun times goofing off!!


I have had none!! We turned out the lights just like they were Sunday is pitch black and someone had to know exactly where they were going to get each item. They also went in Jacob's room and took his money off his dresser and a light HAD to be turned on to even see it. So they knew he often times slept in my room, he had fallen asleep while he was making out his Christmas list Sunday night and I was watching Brothers & Sisters.

Monday, October 12, 2009


This morning I got up to shower and was running early with my time..I then went to computer to update my fb and WHAT? My laptop was not there, I wake up Jacob and he discovers his Xbox is gone. Then we discover my camera is gone from my kitchen table, my camera that was sitting on top of my car keys. Then we discover the leaf blower is gone. Yes someone came in while we were sleeping and took these items, disconnected the Xbox from the 42" flat screen I won but did not take it and I am scared they will come back.
There are several reasons to think it is the 20 year old boy next door that just moved in with his mother.
And no I have no renter's insurance....
Roomie moves, furloughs at work and now this!! Jacob is DEVASTATED!!! He cried all the way to school!
I am looking for used computer, Xbox and camera I guess, so if you know of any for sale let me know.
I already miss my cheapo camera sooooo bad!