Wednesday, May 20, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

A friend from Junior High that I have reconnected with on FB sent this to me. I think this is 10th grade. And those glasses, oh my!!! These glasses were prescribed and by who?? I just had my eyes checked last year and they are perfect, who did this to me?? lol
Blue Eyed Baby!!

He was pleased with his happy meal. We were in Hot Springs on this day and headed to spend the day at Magic Springs.

Jacob and I attended the NLR High School graduation after a party for Stephanie, she graduated with honors. I missed the party for the most part but I did get some pics. Carrie walked with the faculty so it was a mother daughter night. And this was very emotional for me, of course happy emotional. Carrie is working on her 2nd Masters in Building Administration. I like both pics so I used both :)

This picture is blurry but I just think it is so awesome to be able to walk and your mother standing there as faculty. I cried and I told Jacob I will be a wreck the day he
no I have not forgotten WBW, stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

~NLR kiddos graduate tonight, party for Stephanie at 5:00
~Bachelorette, so I said I would not watch because I was not crazy about Jillian, well I did watch some, some of those guys are a trip!! And the foot fetish guy, well I liked him until all his "foot talk" lol
~Bunco on Thursday
~Some yard work this week
~I am so very grateful for my wonderful friends, they always pick up the pieces and counteract the negative folks! Love you guys!

boring aren't I??

Monday, May 18, 2009

mud bugs

Saturday night Jennifer and I went to the annual crawfish boil in Scott.
There were lots of these....

and of course lessons on how to peel them....

and a wide variety of boots, oh and a wide variety of people.

The weather was nice and I was able to catch up with some old friends.

Jacob fished and ran yo-yo's all weekend.

Sunday I made the spinach and chicken enchiladas I have been wanting to make and they were very good.