Friday, June 13, 2008

Almost ready!

I prepared my "punch" to freeze for the float trip last night. Yum~
I have not ever floated the Spring River and have been told so many stories, i.e., "i hope you make it back" so with that being said wish me luck. If I don't make it back please keep my blog

dot dot dot

Not a random stranger, for those of you that have asked =)
Last night I had a "night cap" with Della & Monica. Good ole biker bar = good times! I have been celebrating next weeks news early ;)

A boy toy...

Jacob got his helmet Wednesday, sharp huh?
He has spent the past 3 days out with the boys riding!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jacob had a 6:00 game last night, and to say the least the bottom fell out right at game time and he was soaked. After getting dry we headed to Cabot to have dinner with Hardy, Della, Monica & Brittany.
We watched a movie @ Della's and headed home. Yucky rain! But the night was interesting to say the least ;). Great time!
Ballgame tonight providing the fields are not too wet.

I failed to say thanks to Susan for helping me with my blog music. As some of you know I am a music person and you may never know what will be playing rock, country, rap, really no telling just depends on my mood. Probably no rhyme or reason or there might be, just depends. Don't judge, it's
Thanks Su!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Exciting news coming on June 19th. Stay tuned for that =)

Adventures in dog sitting went well, Jacob showed a great deal of responsibility and was paid also. He plans to get his off road helmet out of layaway (not that he has been getting any ride time lately), and just may get a dog before summer is over.

Busy week ahead of baseball and preparing for my girls trip to the Spring River this weekend. Have a great week!