Friday, July 10, 2009

would love my pillow about right now...

Just a little sleepy headed is what I am. I had a breakfast at 5:00 this morning for work. We got 3rd place foir our divsion~ YAY!!!
We are sure feeling it this afternoon. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Warning:I am rambling and this may bore you to death!

I have gone through many photos looking for the 3rd birthday, nothing!! This will drive me bonkers!! But while going through these photos, obviously some that I should not be looking at I got this lump in my throat and my stomach was in knots. Makes me realize I am just not where I want to be at this ripe ole' age. Ya' see I have settled and this time by golly I am not settlin'. You know I have said wedding vows numerous times, (another part of my book you must read, too bad I can't maybe I will make a Lifetime movie..ha). Is it really asking too much for a "normal" relationship? I don't ask for something over the top just normal. Although I do love trucks so that would be a plus :) and a boat yes I want a boat and heck I will even pay for it. I grew up on the lake, I learned to ski at 7 and I want Jacob to grow up on the lake. I have about decided that in a couple of years Jacob can manage the boat and I will just buy a truck for myself. But no that is truely not the package I chose when I filled out this People say in time, in time....Maybe I should not be going through photos ha!

I get my hair did tonight YAY!! My hairdresser went to Florida, I have had an appointment scheduled for this Saturday for 3 weeks. She text to say she would not be back and for me to reschedule. Helloooo, can you say roots? So with that I am trying someone new this evening. Fingers crossed people, I have to say the least bad hair, very thin and does not color well. (I sure use a lot of comma' and incorrectly at that!)

Tonight completes the 1st week of football camp and things have gone well. Jacob may have moved out on me, but hey I get a phone call once in a while. He has been hanging out with Carrie's boys for the past few days after camp. Thanks guys!

It seems wierd to not be planning a party for Jacob with party favors and all. I always loved to get pinata's. The boy wants to fish and so it will be!!

Girl's float trip on the 18th and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

I laugh but yet I cry.....where have the years gone???
I love you sweet boy!! A birthday party post for ya'. I gathered all of this together on my lunch hour, pretty good for an hour eh?

#1 party @ home. Mom made the Sticking with the 4th of July theme.

#2 party @ home. Only picture I could find. That is Justin helping him unwrap his gifts. Gosh they are so grown up.

#3 I can't find and can't remember where it was, pitiful I know.

#4 party @ home. Basketball theme and his gift that year was a swingset.

#5 party @ Pizza Hut Play Hut. And what else but Power Rangers that year...oh I bought a many a Power Ranger!

#6 party @ Pam's house. Spiderman theme, mostly what I remember about this day is that it was hot hot hot. That is Jacob's "what you talkin bout Willis" face. This was the year of spiked hair, even the colored gel. Oh what a mess!
#7 was in 2003 the year I was sick, by his birthday I was on my 6th surgery. We had just a small gathering at home, he got a green machine and it was a hit. I am sad that I don't have any pics....but I do have one on the green machine so that may have to do!
#8 party @ hotel, and overnighter with little boys OH MY!! We went by limo. And the cake was Spongebob (not my favorite)

#9 party @ home, football themed and 2 cakes at that!!

#10 party@home, swimming in the backyard as most of his parties have involved swimming with his birthday being in the summer months. The cake theme was Pirates of the Caribbean and maybe because we had just returned from the beach. Jacob also got his first cell phone this year.

#11 party @ home then bowling, this cake was de-lish!

#12 party @ home and swimming in the back yard. One of his cakes had a 4 wheeler on it, one was italian cream and one was chocolate. This was the year of the ipod and he was rather happy. he racked up on $$$ also.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This little guy will turn 13 on Sunday. A teenager? Your kidding me! Makes me have so many thoughts, he looks so tall this week and just seems so grown up. Jacob has had 2 request for his birthday, one being to fish and the other to spend some time with Jeremy. So I have arranged a fishing trip with Brett so that jacob can teach Jeremy to fish.
I am blessed to have this kiddo in my life. He is a true rock for me and I can't wait to see what lies ahead for him.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Football camp (Fascats) started this morning at NLR High. I asked to take a pic of Jacob and this is what I got. He was up and at it and even scrambled himself some eggs, but the camera was the last thing he wanted to I was able to watch some of the 9th grade boys while registering him and the exercises looked tough. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
We spent he 4th with Ashley, Shane & Bailey. The boys had a blast!