Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am feeling much better, picked up my car, grabbed some dinner and am resting for my day off tomorrow. I think I want to do something different, not sure what but something. Check out my options in several areas of my life, maybe move to Oklahoma. The are lots of things on my mind at this point.......maybe it will pass, although I have been known to do something if I have made up my mind.
Have a Happy Friday!
People are trying to break my crayons this afternoon!! I like that one Jackie~
It aggrevates me so bad for someone to roll their eyes at me especially at WORK!
I am excited about football!!! Can the Raiders pull it off this year?
Where do I begin?
A long night I had ....maybe we should leave it at that. Clubing is NOT for me~NO MAM!! I seem to think I am 10 feet tall and bullet proof and can drive, obviously I can't. I feel like crap~head hurts, stomach hurts.
I am ready for Jacob to come home, I miss my buddy soooo bad.
I am off tomorrow and I so need it. Maybe I will mow and clean my house.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

SOOOO I found out who came in my house, yes someone I know to use the restroom. How rude not to call and TWO people knew but never called me WOW!
Regardless the stalker next door is still calling in the middle of the night and I do not like that! Stay tuned this could be

My 2nd evening alone was rather frightening to say the least. I was running a little late getting home to meet JT, and my neighbor called to tell me there was someone in front of my house and I said "Yes I know". Then he starts to tell me how he is watching my house. We exchanged numbers weeks ago in case I needed anything...haha yeah right!
He started calling at 2 in the morning last Friday and yesterday after getting home and visiting with JT I noticed my kitchen window was open and the things in the window were knocked off in the sink, to say the least someone either came thorough or attempted to come through the window. I could not find anything missing and while checking things out HERE HE COMES trying to visit and ask to sit on my kitchen cabinet RIGHT BY THE WINDOW~odd!!!
I called the police and made a report and the DUDE STARTED CALLING AGAIN at 2 a.m. this morning.
I wonder if his girlfriend knows this ....well SHE WILL!!!
p.s. when he called last Friday night he said unacceptable things!!

On a good note~ tonight I am going out =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


My first night of baching and I had a hot date......he was a little shy and kept his bucket on his head, BUT he did give me a choice of any one of these cars to cruise in!

Thanks Carson for a great evening! And you too Denise =) WORD

Beach Bums

WOOOOHOOOO just made the final payment on our condo reservation to the beach in September! These are pics of the condo we have rented.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Oklahoma Bound

I saw Jacob off to Oklahoma while I was at lunch. I cried after he left, pitiful hu?
I will miss him but want him to have a good time =)
Now what shall I do? Girls nite at my house tonight, be there! I have also taken off Friday for whatever the day may bring/
I am accepting any and all invitations, since yes I am going through a divorce, okay I said it.
Stay tuned for pictures ;)
Jacob is leaving for Oklahoma today to spend the week with his cousins~Justin, Andrew & Bobby (see below). He spent his birthday last year in Oklahoma with them.
Have a blast sweetie!
What shall I do with myself this week? hmmmm
Jacob and I also enjoyed a Mexican Fiesta with Della, Monica, Johnny & the girls last night, even the chips were homemade!


Everyone had a great time at the party. Thanks to each of you that made it. Jacob racked up on money and was able to buy the shoes he wanted @ Journey's. The shoes (Osiris') which are skateboarding shoes were by no means my pick.

Bowling was a hit!! Thanks to Ashley, Susan & Angie for helping me get these boys to the bowling alley


Friday night Jacob & I caught up with Terri at her birthday party @ American Pie Pizza~Happy Birthday Terri!
She loved the VS outfit we got her...

Jacob's new cell phone

These were the pictures I was able to catch when I hid Jacob's new phone and called it last Thursday night on his birthday, he loves it!