Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks Kim!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

SH Red Sox 5 ~ SH Mets 8

I forgot to take pictures during the ball game, here a few after and it was about 10:30 and Jacob was tired. jacob got another hit to the fence, last hit of the ball game and it was caught by right field, darnit!
It was a good game. This makes our 1st loss, better luck next time boys!
Today I am having a little oral surgery, yuk!
Jacob has to be at Dickey Stephens this evening for Build A Park. If you have not seen it on tv or heard it on the radio all proceeds at Dickey Stephens today go to Sherwood Sports Complex.
Thanks to the Parsley's in advance for taking Jacob tonight.

Monday, April 28, 2008

A very productive weekend I must say.
~Friday I got my windows tinted on the ole' Max, I like!
Nails & toes are done, yard is clean with a few flowers planted. Carpets cleaned and I did some cooking, I even made Jacob some bacon, egg, & cheese biscuits for this week. Betty Crocker
I made it to Della & Monica's yard sale, it was so pretty Saturday.
Saturday evening had a couple of cocktails with a group of girls.
Sunday Kim, Pam & Joe all stopped by.

Jacob and I went to the mall Saturday where we ran into the boys. Jacob was off to I-30 speedway with them and a sleep over. And of course riding~ 4 wheelers that is. Jacob also started his 1st layaway with an off road helmet and goggles. My elephant ears are peeking through...

My fountain is coming along....

My tinted windows....
Monica in her yard sale attire, love the fuzzy
And check out the Cavalier behind her with the homemade truck bed...only in Arkansas LOL

Bustin' Loose

This makes me happy....and yes I must have a jersey! My Randy Moss jersey seemed to walk off when someone moved out of my house, better things now =)


Andrew 5/1 ~ Bobby 4/27

Good to see you this weekend!