Friday, December 12, 2008

Jacob and I decorated this gingerbread house last night. It was a last minute deal and was for my friend Starla in the Mayor's office. The house will be on display at the Capitol on December 14th, so if you happen to be at the Capitol look for Jacob's house =)

AND Toya got a new car....
Just kidding, this contraption was in front of City what were they thinking?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Jacob and I made what I call Peanut Butter Muffins last night, well maybe I did, I have a hard time getting him to want to bake with me. Growing up I tell ya and I guess I could have taken a picture of his face when I said we are going to bake
I got the recipe from a blog.
You use PB cookie dough, reese's PB cups and a mini muffin pan. Fill pan with dough bake accordingly and then right when you pull them out press the PB cup in the middle. I did not sample but Jacob said they were very rich!
Let's get this out of the way and move on to Christmas because the lights and music excite me so much *big grin*

I am going to try to be short and brief with this...
Good news~ The Histo is NOT back!!! YAY

I have 5 wires that hold my breast plate (chest) together. The top one must come out, it is causing bone to grow outward. January is my plan, we are going to take care of that and a few other things all at once. The good thing is they are going to repair my scar and make it hairline.
To repair my collar bone would entail a metal plate from my collar bone to my breast plate and it would make my arm a fixed joint meaning I would never lift it above my head again, ummm I am thinking not, I will just handle the chronic pain as I do now. And exercise it and get therapy on it...any kind he said physical, heat, relaxation, actupuncture, anything that helps. OF course after I heal from the surgery.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hump Day~ now let's get over this hump ha! This will be a good day!

Just a few things~

My favorite green phone is dead and gone, there was no hope for it. I had an IT guy look at it and he said the keypad is sticking. Probably one too many beverages spilled on
This means I am carrying this ancient phone because I just can't see buying a new one right now, guess what I lost tons of numbers. SO if I never call you again this could be why.
Terrible to get a text and have to ask "who is this?"

I see the cardiac doc this afternoon. Sweaty palms to say the least, my stomach is doing flip flops. But honestly I feel much better than my last appointment with him.

I got the lights hung on the outside of my house and they only go half way down, bummer! Must finish those but could not see myself on the ladder in the rain last night. The neighbor basically called me stupid last year for being on a wet ladder.

Jacob is getting so ready for his much needed Christmas break.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random goofiness~

Random goofy pics from the past few weeks because it is a goofy kind of day~ They were very entertained by us..haha

And a goofy song for a goofy post ;)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Ashley's Party

Ashley's bachelorette get together~

Silly girls!
After dinner all the girls went back to my house for cocktails and lots of laughter! This last picture is from my camera...why in the world does in say 2093??