Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Denise!

We love ya!
Somer is my hero today! I can read my blogs!!! YAY!!
Maybe I am a blonde maybe it was really blogger, let's just blame it on blogger, ha!

We are thankful it is Friday! Jacob has games in Conway tomorrow morning that I will not be able to make. Today is crazy sock day and I FORGOT TO TAKE A PIC, can you believe it??
We were both sick with a stomach virus yesterday, yuk!

Last night Jacob decided to create a Facebook so we could try and learn it, guess what he said "that is so boring and I am going to delete it" maybe I will not try it...decisions

Grey's was good, the scenes with Cally (sp?) are not so easy to watch with your 12 year old, I mean seriously people...sure Jacob is very knowledgeable about many things but geeez I turn red, especially when he ask questions and Grey's is our show that we watch together.
And Izzy boy she is not going to give up, can't say that I blame her, he is hot!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Crazy Hat Day

and this picture was not taken with joy! 7:00 a.m. and he is like get that camera OUT OF MY FACE, he does not say it bless his little kind heart but my goodness it pores out of him. At any rate the good sport that he is let me take one pic without his eyes showing. Mornings are very simple for us, we do the same thing at the same time every morning, yeah it is part of my obsessive behaviors but hey it makes for a good morning. Have you ever known anyone that screams get out of bed to their kids and they fuss and they fight over shoes, socks, hair, etc. Not at my house, we just do our thing =)
Last night was a chili supper at Jacob's school. Athletes were introduced, as a group, I thought it would be individuals. But it was nice.
Myspace has been blocked at work, understandable...but not facebook? Strange but I guess I will have to move it over there also! But aren't they both networking websites, I dunno *shrugs shoulders*

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Maybe not....

Maybe I will not go to private after all.
Blogs I can not read even with my invitations are Mulhearns (my 1st blog addiction), Skinner's, Day & Robus families. I do not want to make things hard for my friends to read my blog...
Why is blogger so complicated??? grrr
I am pouting =(

Crazy Hair Day

Today is crazy hair day at school for Red Ribbon Week. It is vey hard to tell that Jacob has black spiker in his hair but it is there. He waited until very late last night to tell me or we would have had a wild color.....
Tomorrow is wild hat day, we got that one covered ;) and Thursday is wild sock day, stay tuned!

Happy 5th Birthday Bethany!

Happy 3rd Birthday Carson!

I hope your day was great!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chilly mornings

Jacob had blue~ white scrimmage games Saturday morning. He was scheduled to play one game but ended up playing three.
He played center and corner guard and got one heck of a tackle!
Jacob B. & Jacob B. after Payton & Blake's birthday party friday night...wore out!
A very nice weekend!