Friday, February 6, 2009

The happenings at our house have been this.....

Blood pressure readings daily because Jacob's bp is high.... And he feels like this ....I know he does!
Poor guy I know it stinks! He has coughed and coughed and coughed for 3 days now and yes this is something I begged to the doc at ACH to treat but noooooo ride it out, NOT! They never lsiten do they?
I just hope he feels better for the ACT tomorrow, I wanted to reschedule but he said take it, so we shall see.
He has so much scheduled this weekend~ ACT, UALR game w/Clayton, birthday party @ the park and a sleep over.....and he was so excited! Go away cough & cold!
Have a great weekend~

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~does it really take all morning for an appointment at ACH? Yes, yes, yes it does!!! Ugh and a resident that asked jacob about his headache 15 times, as my sister wanted to scream at him "it's a SINUS HEADACHE" but we both refrained from screaming at He was new, way to new for me!

~car will not be ready until this weekend so I am a foot all week, if you are just waiting to give us a ride please call..ha!
car's ARE a necessity!!!! Thanks to each of you for the transport thus far.

~ACT test Saturday for Jacob

~The Bachelor, Molly has been my choice and she is still hanging on, I do wish she would take down the pony tail more often..ha
Naomi is Jacob's pick and Jillian we are waiting on her to go...

~Superbowl, pefect just perfect!

Monday, February 2, 2009

a little party..... (food was great, this is before we put out the cold items)

a little dancing.....
I noticed that I am missing pictures of several people, most of them by their choice. The party was great as well as the dancing!
A big thanks to Michele, my co-host, she left Oklahoma in the ice for this party =)