Friday, February 8, 2008

Where did this week go?
I think it was just any rate
~Baseball tryouts/draft tomorrow 10 a.m. may be chilly
~Cleats and baseball gear tonight
~Jacob is spending the night with Jeremy tonight (he does not know and will be so excited) and Jeremy will join us for our date to the Rivermarket for dinner and Annie, will they later be mad at me for taking them to Annie...hehe
~Lost my debit card yesterday, found it in my yard, how? well Jacob is making me recycle and while fooling with the bin Wednesday night I must have dropped it, duh
~Took the camera to Bedford...Kodak will not allow anyone to work on there cameras but Kodak...what to do???
~Getting a treadmill this weekend...YAY!!!
~Yesterday I treated Nataki to the Red Dot for her birthday (2/11). Starla joined us.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I failed to mention that I watched this movie over the weekend....very strange!!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Daddy Warbucks....

Next Tuesday Jacob and I are going to see Annie at Robinson. I am very stoked about this. Thanks for the tickets!!
I know his mother is proud! Plaxico could not have pulled this one off any better, and then to see him cry like that afterwards was just overwhelming!
Great game.

The weekend was nice. No photos from Caylee (Jacob's girlfriend) & Deven's (Jacob's best friend) party =(
About 10 minutes before leaving for the party I got out the trimmer, the buzzer you shave someone's head with to straighten Jacob's sideburns. I then decided to try to trim off a few wild hair's and somehow the trimmer fell right up against the side of his head scalping him on one side, very noticeable and he was in tears. It was time for the girlfriends birthday party.What to do?? HEATHER TO THE RESCUE~ we rushed to Heather's and she got Jacob all fixed up! We were only 10 minutes late to the party~Thanks Heather!!