Friday, August 28, 2009

A while back I mentioned that I finally purchased the new Rob Thomas cd and how awesome it is, well it is beyond awesome! I have his other cd's and have always loved his music but his song Her Diamonds speaks to me. So yes call me crazy but it does. He wrote this song for his wife that has an auto immune disease. I have a suppressed immune system and 2003 was a horrible year for us. This song makes me think of how Jacob felt during that year and of course how I felt, again it was a very very tough year.
We both just sing this song as we drive along and I have never felt more blessed to be where we are today !
And geez how hot is he?? It is the end of the first full week of school and football practice and Jacob is smooth wore out! He said he already plans to get lots of sleep this weekend.
First football game is next Thursday....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

I saved this pic from my Friday night post as I could not resist. I ran into this guy that was my first car date. Yes the first date my Mom let me go on in a

I see him from time to time and had to get a pic to go with.................this pic!

I was 16 here, and yes there are those horrid glasses again. We met at an out of town softball tournament that my sister was playing in and we dated for a while after that. I had to email him this pic so we could pants? really?

Don't forget your WBW :)

Jacob seems to be settling in nicely with his new school schedule. His schedule was messed up and they had him in Pre-Algebra for a 2nd year in a row. After they noticed he has been switched to Algebra I and this will count as a credit, a credit in the 8th grade? wow!
After school he practices football, I pick him up, we grab a qucik bite and then head to the Y so I can exercise and he can swim. After it is back home for homework and showers and last night he went to bed without saying a word and was asleep at 8:45. I think his day is full!
I got his ACTAAP scores this week from last year and he scored advanced in all of it~Way to go!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009


is it still considered "stalking" after you have met?
Today while I was at lunch I ran into Somer Day, although I have been reading her blog for a couple of years now we have never met, we have always joked that I was her stalker, or that is how I felt when she took her blog private and I asked to continue being a reader, she approved, and we have laughed about it since. She threw me off when she pulled up beside me and said "are you a blog stalker?" I just sat there wondering who this was in Jennifer's vehicle. One of my best friends has a vehicle just like hers.
It was so great to meet, she is even sweeter in person :)

(picture stolen from Somer's blog..ha)

We are almost neighbors, that's my side of the river too.. and I look forward to seeing you again!
I should have gotten a pic but my camera was still attached to my computer and I sure did not want to ask her because then I might really be a "stalker" ;)

two of my oldest friends :)

and not in age!! I moved to Little Rock in the 4th grade. I have been friends with Kathy & Jennifer since then. Saturday we hung out on my patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather!!Kathy, myself & Jennifer~
pretty obvious by my face I had done a little yard work.
Kathy and I used to play with matches and melt crayons, we then learned how to catch the grass on fire and stomp it out until one day a fire got away from us and was within inches of my Mom's party barge, that mind you had 2 full gas tanks sitting on it. Ohh we were probably 9 or 10 and we were in sooooo much trouble!! Kathy was also my lil' sis for drill team.
Jennifer and I have stomped more ground than we can even rememeber :)
Love these girls~
Friday night Jennifer & I stepped out to hear Four On The Floor @ The Underground Pub...we had a great time. Tracy, myself & Jennifer

Marsha & her sister Paula came to join us~
This picture looks just like a pose of the two of us from about 10th grade, so typical!!
And in 10th grade (20 years ago) there was no convincing me that this drummer below did not hang the moon ;)

myself, Charlie & Jennifer~
This picture has become tradition at the shows only the drummer was missing this time...