Friday, August 14, 2009

I'll take that! Raiders 31-Cowboys 10
Let's keep this going boys!!

Modeling my new Raiders attire, and he is a Steelers fan so this was a funny moment. I was sweaty from the gym and did not want my picture made, 12 lbs down woot woot!

oh and mean people suck~just sayin'

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Marsha!!

love ya bunches!
Football practice has been tough this week. 4:00 every day and it is HOT and with a cast on Jacob's arm it is really hot! We like the new coach thus far and look forward to the year. Of course no pictures as he would kill me for that but maybe I can sneak some in ;)
Monday after practice we headed over to Michael's birthday party, as you can see Jacob is still soakin' wet from practice~Happy Birthday Michael!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

because I am so excited that football is drawing near I wanted to share some pics from Jacob's 1st & 2nd year.

What a shorty in blue...this was his 2nd year~

and this was his 1st year and 1st time to put on pads, growing up I tell ya'
We watched our 1st preseason game on Sunday and I so love watching football on Sunday's!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Playing a little catch up~
On Jacob's birthday weekend he wanted to fish, of course. Brett took Jacob & Jeremy on a day fishing trip and I snapped a few pics before they left. This was Jeremy's first fishing trip. Thanks Brett!

Last week I volunteered at a National Night Out location to promote the 2010 Census (be sure you are accounted for), my location was at my elementary school so it was kind of neat and the principal remebered me, go figure ha! Jacob and Deven were my assistants~

silly boys~

After Jacob's football practice yesterday we headed on over to Aidan's practice to see if we could assist with the chin strap and of course just watch him practice, I am determined to get my football fix, ha! We then had dinner with Leah & Aidan at Gadwall's after. A nice evening, but goodness it was HOT!!

I am giddy today, just sayin'
And Jackie I am still crossing my fingers for a clever title =)
Last week was a coworkers last week with us, we had a get together at Juanita's. We miss you already Craig!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

it's hard to pick just one...

Yesterday Heather and I went to help her boss, photpgrapher Dixie Knight hang a chandelier. I left with these....very unexpected but it was a blast getting to do this! No I am not in love with myself it's just hard to pick one, the photography work is great!

Today I FINALLY went and got the Rob Thomas cd, it rocks!