Friday, February 1, 2008

Baseball registration tonight & tryouts tomorrow, wish us luck! It will be very cold.
Super Bowl thoughts~ Go
In this case I must pull for the Giants. I do not dislike the Patriots and I am a Randy Moss fan BUT I am pulling for the underdog.
Deven & Caylee's party Sunday and I am sure other things will come up. Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Happy Hump Day

Last night we had an office outing at The Oyster Bar. Good time was had. I had a wonderful shrimp pasta salad and it was so nice to share it with you Max ;) we might try a new method since you like dressing so much. Just as I left the sleet starting falling so I rushed home to be safe!

Happy Birthday Kim!

Hope you have a great one!

Happy Birthday Toya!

and many more!

Happy 11th Birthday Deven!

See you Sunday at your party!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

dazed and confused

Denise tells me that Megan has a new background but all I see is brown and that Susan's is camo...all I see is blue *sigh*
what the heck??

Take me out to the ball game

Time for baseball registration....Jacob did not play last year and these pictures are from year before last. Looking forward to baseball!
He is so short in this picture...time flies

I am happy~ Megan gave me a great connection for pimping my blog, her name is Brandy, stay tuned because my blog will be too cool ;)
I would give you her info but do not have it handy, so link to Megan then to Brandy at Foshe family!!THANKS MEGAN!

Monday, January 28, 2008


I want one of these cutesie backgrounds with my signature at the bottom of each post.....HELP ( I will pay you, or cook for you, or wash your

Weekend was very nice, we were able to leave work Friday at noon due to the weather so I started off by cooking a big pot chili for Jacob when he arrived. We had a few friends stop by to eat also.
Saturday I got my hair colored (sorry no pictures) and I like, Thanks Heather!!
While getting my hair colored I dropped my car off at Jiffy Lube next door and when I went to pick it up the guy who did the work had gone home and he had taken my keys *insert sigh* Yes my keys in some man's pocket, luckily I had a spare car key in my purse but could not get in my own home and Jacob was at the Big Buck Classic. Soooo with time to waste and apparently money to I went to Sam's with Heather & Rick. Jacob spent the night with Dominick and I had sipped some wine and slept like a baby.

I want to paint and I think I have picked a color ~ Sweet Georgia Brown

Until I get a camera this is the pictures you will get.....
No whining just buck up like a big girl!!