Friday, September 4, 2009

I have received a blog award and for the first time...

Thank you Jackie for awarding me the MEME award! :)

I have read Jackie's blog for several years now, even when she had her old blog, faithful reader eh? I absolutely love to hear her thoughts and what she has going on. She is a precious person and oh so funny! As you can see my link for her is Jackie is hilarious.
So, here we go and here are the rules!

List 7 personality traits...
Pass onto 7 other bloggers who deserve...
Recognition for the personality they share...

I did get some help and asked some friends for one word to describe my personality, cheating I So some of these are typed from my friends and some from myself.

1. Friendly/outgoing-You are sooo friendly...You never meet a stranger. You have more friends than I can count and you love them all and they love you and I love that!
2. Sarcastic- much more so in my younger years but I do still have that trait...
3. Stubborn- I guess that ties in with bull headed, hey I am a Virgo.
4. Sincere- If I say it I mean it, and I am sincere.
5. Lover- Your a lover and have tons to give to the right person~
6. Outspoken (honest)- If you ask me I am going to shoot you straight, and often times if you don't ask me ..ha!
7. Sensitive-You are sensitive and that is good and bad for you... good b/c it allows you to step inside the shoes of another person and really feel what they may be experiencing but bad b/c sometimes you let your sensitivities keep you from enjoying something or being close to someone...

I am going to tag~

Have wonderful weekend!!


Jax said...

I love your list!! Thanks for participating! :) I cant decide if I like the awardy things or not on the whole, but I liked this one and decided to participate. ha! :) And thanks for your sweet words, too, chica. I'm really glad we've become friends over the blog world. Now to just make it official over a cocktail when I head to Arkansas next! (everything is more official over cocktails. Just sayin). Have a great weekend!

Annie said...

cute blog you have!
just poppin over from jax's page ;)

LOVE your song of choice, party in the USA! ha!

Jax said...

Crap. I didnt get an email to my gmail... I looked. Maybe it was too big? Try sending in a couple emails instead? Arg. Hope you're having a good weekend!