Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I love you mail man!

Guess what I got in the mail today......SIGNED DIVORCE PAPERS!!! Yay, like I said before he left in June.
Funny stuff and some of you can appreciate....
Okay I DO NOT like the color purple, no offense anyone I just don't. SOOO he signs in purple, haha and just hen scratches up the typed envelope I so kindly sent, scratched out his last name on my name, then rewrote it in purple, etc etc ~funny stuff!! Oh an he signed on the judge's line after I CLEARLY put the "sign here" tabs on for him. I was able to get those couriered right over to his work, hope this does not take 9 months!
Peace be with you!

Had chinese for lunch, only shrimp though.. horiscope says~
An old friend introduces you to new people and pleasures ;)
Where did this snow come from??
That was a big shock this morning and it was so "springy" on Sunday.

Last night Ramona treated us to dinner at Gadwall's. This was her first time at our favorite spot.
Thanks girl~

After dinner I was off to the gym, worked out with Carrie P.~30 minutes on the machines, then 30 minutes on the treadmill and then tanned. So this breast bone of mine that is wired together with titanium wires feels as though it may never be the same, TMI I know but it hurts.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Put me in coach...

The Red Sox will be Jacob's team this year. We had a parent meeting yesterday and I am very impressed with the new coach he has coached little league, high school, and college. I think he will have a lot to teach Jacob. First practice is Wednesday. He did say "I will break your children down" I sure hope Jacob is ready =)
The exercise is still going well. My legs are a little sore today and I started tanning yesterday, I am just a wee bit ghostly!
This week I am needing a little strength in a certain area and must dig deep to find it, I can do it, I can do it! Prayers appreciated~
Happy Monday and have a great week!

Happy Birthday Katie

I am sorry I failed to blog this last week

Party #1

Happy Birthday Debi~
This is how they do it in Scott, AR ~Birthdays, bonfires, Carhart attire, Mossy Oak or even John Deere, aaaand straw hats~ yes that is a piece of chicken in Debi's hand
Pam & I
The bonfire is behind us...

Party #2

Happy Birthday Brandi
We made her 53..lol
Buttery nipples anyone?