Monday, November 8, 2010

my Monday nights~

Monday nights are my tap class...on this night we were missing 3 of our girls.
I am really enjoying it and it is great exercise. Am I any good? umm no!
I took for many years and boy does age change
We have completed an entire dance and moved on to a second. We learned a step last week that I just can't get...hopefully in time ;)
p.s. I promise to never wear this shirt in another is my fav and I was instructed to stop wearing it ha! (bossy sister..hmph)


Jacob & Jacob playing some games~ 3 Jacob's
3 Jacob B.'s
2 J.L.B.'s

catching up with Christy~

a baby shower for a coworker~

Have you ever seen of these contraptions? Jennifer and Julie introduced I don't drink that sweet stuff but I must try this soon, of course with a beer :)