Friday, April 24, 2009

it is his passion...

You see that bent pole? You see that face? Makes him happy!

~I think I have hit a record, one whole work week and I have not taken one single photo. I told you I would be boring this week, and yep plan to be this weekend too! I do see some patio time in the evenings.

~House = a wreck, so I spent last night cleaning my room, took everything out of the closet and wiped the baseboards and such. I now have a pile and I mean a PILE in my living room to take the Salvation Army. One room at a time, Jacob's is next =)

~I missed Grey's because I was tanning, actually I just forgot until 9:05, just the luck.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Birthday Starla!
Admin Professional's Day!
We all had a nice lunch at Copper Grill thanks to the bosses and also celebrated Starla's birthday with this nice tray of desserts.

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

This look melts my heart. Jacob enjoying a cupcake, he has always been a pretty tidy eater, not much mess for a 2 year old. And a sippy cup? Where has time gone? And there are those baby blues...have I mentioned I love his blue Buckethead!!

excuse me lady, your hair is platinum and looks like ummmmm a four letter word. Seriously these pics were a big turn in my life

I am guessing at the date being 2004-2005
Those blue eyes belong to John Lacompt from Evanescence. I dont know the other two ladies but everyone was all smiles.
oh and there is that silver eyeshadow I promise I don't have it anymore. It was really hard for me to let go of the 80's ;)
You can see my lovely scar running both ways on my neck and throat, I wish I did not have this but hey it makes me -me. Right? Right!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This morning......long night eh??
Say a prayer for Stellan today while he goes through surgery. If you do not read MckMama's blog, you should! Kaden is my model today wearing orange for Stellan.

Top Chef is in town. The truck was kind of cool.

Ouch! My arm is so sore, yesterday while one nurse was drawing blood another was giving me a shot with a BIG needle, and really do we have to be doing these things at the same time??? seperate arms?? geez!

Jacob's ACT score came in, he did pretty good for a 7th grader and will be much more prepared his senior year by knowing what to expect.

This week and next are pretty laid back for us and I guess that is to get us ready for a busy May.

I want flowers to plant, lots of them!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saw the new doc this morning, I must say I loved her and we are on the road to some resolution, more test to wait on but getting there.

Kim and I ordered some bumpits, they came in know you want some =)

And guess what I found last night...a White Lion cd...jealous? I
Let me find some of those tunes for ya ;)
Friday night Jennifer and I went to see Four On The Floor play at the Rev Room. This is a group of guys that we went to high school with. Yep we were groupies back just kidding.

Go Fast played also.....

As well as The Ghetty's....

We had a great time and it was great to see old friends! I missed getting pics of so many people...