Friday, June 6, 2008

I like to hang out here....

Our new workout facility @ work
Cajun's, The Fountain and lots of dancing....and freaks, there are a many out there.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


Went home at lunch to put some Rx burn ointment on Jacob. Thank goodness his back is not burnt. I have not said anything about the nite life I usually dont blog much about. Have tried a few new places, Salty Parrot was nice kind of a margarittaville type place, but I bet it's hot by now. Gonna step out this evening =). When the boys away the Mom can play....
Truthfully though people there are some craaaazy folks out there. These men will say

Where did this week go?

I can't believe it is already Thursday. Busy week thus far.
Baseball game not so good on Monday or Tuesday.
School is out and I don't think Jacob has ever been more happy to be rid of a school year.
Jacob went to WRC yesterday and did not listen to his mother so his arms are burnt =( poor guy.
He is headed out for a over night visit to Hot Springs this evening and then will be dog sitting for 2 days, wish him luck, you guys know my patience with animals and this will be the test to see if we are really getting a dog for Jacob. Yes I know every kid needs a dog but geez it stresses me out, and um no dogs on my furniture. No I do not have fancy furniture but it just grosses me out.
Ramona rented a house right close to me~congrats to her!
Next weekend I am goingto float the Spring River with a group of girls and it is going to be a blast. I hear it is rough and I hope I make it
It is getting hot....very hot.
I hope to get some R&R this weekend.

We were held up in traffic this past Saturday over this little minor accident, Jacob took this photo.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tieing the knot!


Kim's Cookout

The slip n slide was a hit!

Jacob said Bart grilled the best burgers!
Headed to the pond.....

Kim's Cookout Part 2

Minnow anyone? Kim & Abby
They are just not biting Jacob's bait.....
Lucky guy caught at least 3
Still trying......
The minnows kept the kids very busy =)
Me, Kelli & Kim Thanks for the invite, we had a blast!
2008 RED SOX
11 & 12 year olds