Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Saw the neuro doc, mass is stabilized and we are now waiting on some blood work. This is good news, just hope for good news on the lab work! *fingers crossed*
Oh and the blood work....well on the 1st arm I said to her "I feel funny" about that time she said I must change arms and restick you, never mind the 10 empty vials I could see that needed to be filled. So here we go to the 2nd arm, about that time the guy next to her said "her lips are turning, do something" well um by this point I was not feeling so well, broke out in a sweat and was so dizzy. So they made me sit and sit and sit.

I am signing off~I have a GPS and a Jacob and I will be back to you in a few days =)
Happy Spring Break!!

WBW~Way Back Wednesday

yesterday after work I had drinks with my coworkers at Cajun's for Frederick & Scott's birthday's....Happy Birthday to you!!!
and I promise I did not do this
**** I am going to say this is 1998, and the song oh so appropriate. I love to dance and this night I did just that, LOTS of it!! I had a blast!! It was probably the blueish silverish eyeshadow or maybe the

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


just because I can't wait until after the appointment on tomorrow....the mass, the whole reason for the mri, well it has only grown a teensy weensy weensy bit since mri's dated 2006 & 2007. Will still meet tomorrow to discuss the next steps...

why do I always come back to the Cool Rider song?

Don't forget WBW tomorrow =)

I tried to tell her....

but she is doing it anyway, j/k. I think this marriage license means Starla is really going through with this wedding in 2 weeks.
Jacob & I can't wait to share your special day with you! My morning has been so hectic, maybe I will blog later or maybe not, who knows.
Happy Tuesday! Pushy people irritate me, just sayin~

Monday, March 23, 2009

just a little update, and I may have another one later...ha!
I now have my camera and phone and purse and so forth. My roomie, he loves me when I throw hissy

My roomies crew, boys are silly!!
MRI Monday~
So I had my MRI at 7:45 this morning, they really should make that a little bit quicker process I needed to sneeze and my instructions were, as she placed the cage around my head, do not move your head. And as luck has it I don't hold still very well for
The contrast stuff they inject is nasty, I could smell it and taste it. But it's over and I see the neurologist Wednesday. I would appreciate your prayers.

Now I have no pictures this morning because um well um *stuttering* I left my purse laying somewhere Friday night while I was dancing....I went out with the roomie and 5 of his friends for his birthday. The purse has been located and I should be getting it today, thank goodness.

Jacob is on Spring Break and we have a little getaway with the Parsley's coming up...can't wait!!