Friday, August 7, 2009

the real deal~

and only for 2 weeks, yay!! AND he can start football practice Monday, just not much working out of the arms. he will start school on a Wednesday and will get the cast off that Friday =)
What ya' think about those colors??

Thursday, August 6, 2009

what? what?

so I go home at lunch to check in on Jacob and fix him some lunch. He is still in bed asleep and I am just standing in the door way looking at him and looked down at the foot of the bed and there was THIS!! yes he took it off, yes he has a ugly itchy rash in the bend of his arm, and honestly I probably would have done the same. Good thing we see the Ortho doc~

nosey much?

My friend from high school Heather helped me hang some pics in my house this past weekend while I was doing some cleaning. She is a photog and owns a framing company, she even does Clinton's apt here in LR. She took this picture of my mother home with her and returned it last night. I was never so excited, an italian mat and u.v. glass, etc. It is perfect. I love it!! perfect on this wall and remember I did not buy this high gloss paint...nor have I had the time to tone it down so until then, here you have it!
While on a late night run to Kroger I saw!

you know there are really some nosey people...just sayin'

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

WBW~ Way Back Wednesday

Vacation 2006
We missed the beach this year but this is exactly where we will be next year!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Remember this night? ha!

Monday, August 3, 2009

do fish fly?

Last week we rode the trolley then had lunch at the Flyish Fish. Jacob was very fond of boiled shrimp hot, he has only had it cold and liked it hot much better. We then headed to the new conservancy and signed Jacob up for a hunters ed course that starts tonight. His temporary cast is so heavy that he is going to wait until the next time the class is offered.

and yes we got that hair cut right after we left!
It's Monday and I am back in the swing of things, or so far it We had a nice week off and did lots of sleeping in. This week is going to be busy. Jacob & I are working a National Night Out location tomorrow evening, we will have the real cast put on, and try to finish up some shopping for school. We had gotten a cool pair of cleats but it looks like he may not be wearing those for a bit.

We had some visitors and sleepovers while I was off.
Jamie & Kaden surprised us one day, he is wearing Jacob's helmet, a little big ya' think?

and Bailey came and spent a few days with us. We went to the movies and he joined us for some running around. And of course they insisted on some chinese food, they both love it!!